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The cheaters guide to speed, agility and quickness

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Bob Willis is a great believer in long slow running to get fit for cricket.

Bob may have been a great bowler, and he sure knows more about the game than I ever will.

He doesnt know fitness for toffee though.

Cricket is a game based on explosive speed, quick feet and fast sprints not long, knee crushing endurance tests. Thats according to Alan Pearson the sports science mastermind behind the SAQ for Cricket book.

Think about it: Running quick singles, chasing a ball, diving for a catch or running in to bowl all require short bursts of activity with longer periods of recovery.

In short, good cricketers need to be fast, agile and have quick feet and hands.

So how do club cricketers achieve this in the limited training time they have?

  1. You start by reading my free guides to setting your goals, planning your training and having a good base level of fitness. You can even subscribe to harrowdrive for the latest developments and more tips.
  2. Then you buy Alan Pearsons SAQ for Cricket. Its a simple to understand book based on using sport science to develop your fitness specifically for cricket.
  3. After that you use the drills in Alans book to follow the preseason cricket fitness plan you can get for free here.

If things go according to plan you will be a significantly better player in time for next season.

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