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The perfect cricket fitness workout

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There are a million ways to get fit for cricket and improve your game so the perfect workout for you will be totally different from the next person. What do you need to consider when deciding how to get fit for cricket?

Where do you start with such complicated variables? A lot of the information you either know yourself or can get from going through the harrowdrive cricket fitness archives. I would also recommend getting the advice of a cricket fitness expert. You might struggle to find one in a commercial gym, but you can always contact me directly.

Finally, don't let a worry about getting the perfect workout stop you from training altogether. It's far better to be training regularly in an imperfect way that you enjoy and can stay motivated with than doing nothing at all.

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If you want a more comprehensive guide to reducing injury risk and increasing cricket specific fitness, check out county strength coach Rob Ahmun's guide on PitchVision Academy.



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