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The scientific way to burn fat without losing strength

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Do your thoughts turn around New Year to losing all the fat you piled on over Christmas?

You want to lose fat but keep the muscle that is critical to success on the pitch. Plus it's important for looking good on the beach, right?

Where do you start?

For a lot of club cricketers, starting is the hard part. There is a huge amount of information available, a lot of it trying to sell some bit of equipment that will be gathering dust in couple of weeks.

Heck, even this site contributes to the noise by offering you a dizzying array of tips and tricks to improve your cricket fitness.

Fast and simple fitness

A lot of people ask me for something simple to start with. Something anyone can do that will help them lose weight, keep strong and maybe help them look better.

My first advice is to join a gym. If that doesn't work I suggest Turbulence Training because you can get started at home.

Yes, the sales page might be a tad off putting, but the system behind it is based in science and practical application by the certified fitness coach behind it. You can hear him interviewed here.

Craig is so confident that TT will help you that he even gave away a 4 week plan to get you started. You can pick it up here for free.

If you want to start and don't want to go to the gym just yet then pick up a copy of TT today.

Disclaimer: This site is funded by affliate advertising and TT pays me a percentage of each copy sold. I only recommend things I believe in and any money I make (which is not much) I put straight back into the site. Not a bad deal for you really.

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[...] And finally for the cricket players out there, David of Harrowdrive has reviewed a number of scientifically proven ways to reduce fat without losing strength. [...]

but David, you have already recommended Berardi's books, so how is this TT any different? Its the same thing of feed yourself carefully and combine weight training with aerobic work right? Sort of like a confusing buffet if you offer so many? Smiling

TT is an exercise programme. Dr Berardi's Precision Nutrition is a nutrition plan. They mesh together perfectly.


There have been alot of discussion regarding TT, whether it works or not.

I personally feel that one should be flexible. Referencing from not only one source, but a few, to ensure that you can work out a proper training regime that can really benefit you.


I agree Edwin, I like TT because it is well researched from various scientific sources and it works well.

I encorage everyone to do something today to get fitter and healthier and TT is an easy way to start.