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The Spinners Guide to Batting Against Spinners

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As we frequently discuss the way in which we can make batsmen look silly against spin bowling, you better be good at playing spin when you go in to bat. There is nothing more embarrassing than being outfoxed by your opposite number.

Here are a few tips in batting against spin. (Only fair, right?).


Watch from the hand

Watch the ball from the bowler's hand. If you can pick him there you will know what he is bowling and you will pick up the line and length right away (by judging the speed and angle from the hand).

If the bowler is clever he will try and hide the ball from you as long as possible. But, even then, you should still be able to see how the ball is released from the hand.

Watch his grip and how it changes what type of deliveries are bowled. Maybe he has his fingers closer together for a quicker ball? Or along the seam for an arm ball?

Watch from the air

If you cannot read him from the hand then you need to read the direction of the spin in the air. This is more difficult, but look at angle of the seam (if it is not scrambled) and try to pick up the length quickly (crucial).

You want to judge the speed, flight and spin direction as quickly as possible. That is why you want to play the ball as late as you can, as it will give you plenty time the watch the ball.

Play from the pitch

If that all fails, you will need to play him from the pitch. It's best if you do this from the back foot to give yourself time. Risky, but it is the only option left to you.

Still can't read the spin bowler?

Get in the nets more!

How do you play spin as a spin bowler? Leave a comment in the box and let us know your methods.

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I thing i have found really usefull over the past months is getting low in your stance against spinners. Because when you are low you cn judge quicker whether to come forward or go back. And i feel when im lower i use better judegement when using my feet to hit down the ground. As soon as i see there is flight i usually just come down the track and try to hit singles in the v. Getting lower in my stance has really helped against spin ,atleast for me.

As a left handed batsman (and chinaman bowler) I usually try to slog the spin bowler out of the attack immediately! Most spinners hate it when they get hit for a lot of runs quickly without taking a wicket, and I have success against all leg spin bowlers. However I struggle against off spinners and can't get runs from them, I pick their variations but it's still difficult for me. When the ball arrives at a slower pace you can easily mistime it, and with it moving sideways as well that chance is increased.

Sometimes just closing your eyes and whacking the ball helps Smiling

When a spinner walks in for batting and a spinner is bowling, I have always thought about this, that it would be an easy task for them to play against them as they can easily predict the ball from its flight and all. in home personal care