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The Unexpected Truth About Match Day Training

This is a guest article from Steffan Jones.

Training on the day of a game is traditionally frowned upon coaches and players who are not aware of the benefits. But the truth is simple; the right kind of training on match day can make you a better cricketer.

Give me a moment and I'll explain why pre-game training is a great idea, and what you can do to boost your performance for your next match.

Don't exhaust, do activate

The right session before a match is not designed to tire you out.The limiting factor in most cricketers performance levels is the lack of "switching on" the brain. This type of training activates the central nervous system (CNS) which is the brain to muscle connection.

The science boffins call it "Post Activation Potentiation" (PAP). PAP has been proven to improve your muscles force and power production.

Handy for bowling fast, right?

It works by pairing a strength movement with a power movement like a bench press for upper body pushing followed by a chest pass with a medicine ball.

Most people say the effect doesn't last long enough. However from experimenting I have found that training 3 hours pre-game still amps you enough for it too positively effect your performance.

Sometimes you just have to throw the rule book out and experiment for yourself. So forget about traditional slow long runs or bike rides and get your PAP on!

PAP protocol

So how do you go about using PAP to your advantage?

You have a couple of options:

  1. A main gym workout in a 3-6 hour pre-game window.
  2. An add on to your normal pre-game warm up routine, done 5-10 minutes before going out onto the field.

Here are routines for both types:

3 hour pre-game activation

Routine 1. Basic level

  • A1 Incline clap press ups off bench- 5 reps
  • A2 MB overhead throw-5 reps/2kg Medicine ball
  • A3 Vertical jumps

4-6 sets, or 20 minutes EDT style.

Routine 2. Intermediate level

  • A1 Smiths machine incline bench throw-5 reps/20% max
  • A2 Speed chins-3 reps or 5 secs timed /band assisted
  • A3 1-arm db snatch-3 reps each arm

4-6 sets, or 20 minutes EDT style.

Routine 3. Advanced level

  • A1 Weighted pull ups-1-3 reps /max weight comfortably lifted without "grinding"
  • A2 Power snatch from blocks or Hang position-3 reps
  • A3 Weighted ball bowling-3 reps

3-5 sets

follow your workout with the proper post-workout nutrition. I recommend Protein, carbs, creatine and BCAAs in a immediate post-workout shake, then healthy fats in a whole food meal within 2 hours.

5 minute pre-game activation

Routine 1. Basic level

  • A1 Vertical jumps-5 reps
  • A2 Floor clap press ups-5 reps

1 set

Routine 2. Intermediate level

  • A1 Medicine ball overhead throw-5 reps/2kg
  • A2 MB lying chest pass-5 reps/2kg
  • A3 MB granny throw/Keg toss-5 reps/2kg

1 set

Routine 3. Advanced level

  • A1 MB overhead twist, throw and follow through-5 reps/2kg
  • A2 MB standing shot pass-3 reps each arm/2kg
  • A3 Weighted ball bowling-2 reps/250g. 2 reps/cricket ball. 2 reps/tennis ball

1 set

Whatever you choose, I’m confident you will find the training session will benefit you. Please feel free to post your questions in the comments.

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