This Graphic Shows You How You Compare to Average Bowling Speed | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

This Graphic Shows You How You Compare to Average Bowling Speed

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I'll let the pictures do the talking here. How do you compare to the average? (click to enlarge)


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Do you have a similar graphic that shows, say top 25% or top 10% of speeds at each age bracket? Would be useful to assess my U12 squad as they get older.

Use There are filters there to see the top bowlers.

Is this graphic a depiction of average fast bowling speeds or both fast bowlers and spinners? Because I find it difficult to believe that fast bowlers only reach the speed of international cricket spin bowlers by the time they're 18!

It's an average of all bowlers. Remember the PV stats include everything from international level fast bowlers to 80 year old spinners and slow medium club bowlers. Seeing as there are more of the latter, it's likely that the average will be well below the top speed (which for PV is actually 99mph!)

I'm not sure how useful this is with spin and seam mixed. An average club seamer playing U17 cricket in England will be bowling in the low to mid 60s at least, and spinners don't really need to use pace stats in the same way - especially if they take into account pace bowlers! Perhaps find a way to separate out results between spin and seam to give some data that will be more useful? At the moment we have data somewhere between two useful values, one for spin and one for seam.

yeah, but what do you count slow medium pace bowlers as? Spin or seam?

It doesn't matter, everyone is counted anyway. However, in this case the bowler self selects their bowling style.