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The Secret to an Effective Trigger Move

Toby Radford from Serious Cricket has another batting tip to help you score more runs.

When you face really fast bowling you can move just before the bowler releases the ball to get yourself fired up and ready to move forward or back.

This pre-delivery or trigger move is subject to a lot of thought by batsmen around the world, but what is the best way to use a trigger move?

Some batters like to have a small press forward with their front foot. Others prefer to go back and across. And in fact there is no wrong way as long as it works for you.

However, the secret is not what you do with your feet at all.

The important part of your trigger move is that you keep your head still.

Problems with picking up line and length happen if your head is still moving after the ball is released. Of course, if you have a trigger moce you are increasing the chances of excessive head movement.

So think of your head as a camera. If it is moving you are making the image blurry and making it harder to pick up the ball coming down.

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