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Twenty20 Bowling Camp in Mumbai Powered by PitchVision

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IPL Coach, Monty Desai is running a five day specialised Twenty20 bowling camp in Mumbai, powered by PitchVision ball tracking and video technology.

Running daily between 28th December 2015 and 1st January 2016 at the Venus Sports Academy, Goregaon (West), Mumbai, the camp is designed to improve Twenty20 bowling skills and help players take the next step to become a cricketer (ages 16 and over).

The camp is run by a host of highly qualified coaches, lead by Monty Desai. All the particpants will have access to the latest PitchVision PV/ONE system giving instant video analysis and data tracking of every ball bowled.

Every session will have a different focus and series of professional drills used by IPL cricketers. Results are tracked automatically on PitchVision for powerful review sessions. Players will improve with the personalised training they receive.

To find out more, contact Shreepad Gaonkar on +91 9867598496 or

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