Video: Batting Drill to Improve at Nets | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Video: Batting Drill to Improve at Nets

One of the problems with batting in cricket nets is that you can't see where you hit the ball after it goes into the net. So, here is a drill to bring in a better way to assess your shots you can take from the nets to the middle. In the video, we use a scoring system that lets the batsman self-assess each shot.

The system is based 100% on how the batsmen feels he hit the shot and is scored:

  • 0 - Out
  • 1 - Edge
  • 2 - Contact
  • 3 - Good Contact
  • 4 - Exceptional Contact (right out of the middle of the bat)

This creates a measurable score on a skill that usually can't be assessed at nets. Then we looked back at the scores and came up with an average for the net session. The goal over time is to increase the average to a level that builds confidence in the batsman without too much focus on technique

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