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How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis in Modern Cricket

With every ball of every cricket match on video these days, how do you avoid overload?


One of the biggest criticisms of PV/MATCH is the automatic video capture of every ball in training and matches is too much information. You end up spending all your time analysing every tiny detail and forget to actually play.

The critics call this effect “paralysis by analysis”, and it’s true that it is an easy habit to slip into.

But the solution is not to avoid video technology.

That’s like never going to a library to do research because there are too many books and you might faint with the information overload of all those words.

Instead, you get clever with how you use the data.

Put technique second

Studies in golf and cycling have shown performance is better if you focus on tactics instead of techniques during play.

This echos an article on PitchVision that talks about the best way to bat.

So, the first thing you look at when going back over video is not your technique, but how you performed in the situation.

  • Did you choose the best tactics for that moment?
  • Did the plan work?
  • Did you exhibit useful body language?

For all these questions, you can also work out what you would do next time, and what you look to change. Then take these ideas into training and your next match to avoid mistakes and further boost your strengths.

Look at the good things

It’s natural to go over to the replay screen and watch every ball that got hit for six or replay your dismissal again and again. Avoid this.

Instead, build up a picture of all the things you you do well: fours out of the middle, good balls you bowl, technical things you are happy with. This is not only to boost your ego (although it does a bit) it’s also to draw an accurate picture of what you do well; so you can do it more next time.

It also allows you to reassure yourself in the middle that you know what works. It gives you a robust confidence that your tactic is the right one, and you are able to put it into action (because you have before). It’s this robust confidence that is vital to good play. Far more than any copybook technique.

Let the video worry for you

Finally, if you must worry about technique (and most people will, especially batsmen) then be reassured, the video can worry about your technique while you clear your mind and get on with playing.

Then when the game is over and you wonder if something technical is holding you back, take a look at the video. But only after you have spent time looking at the good things first.

This is where you can use video to understand rather than worry.

By al means, work on technical things at practice off the back of this. Just remember that when you get back into the match, let the video worry about your technique so you can get back to runs and wickets.

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