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Visualisation is vital to cricket

It's always seemed to me that 'visualising success' is one of those wishy-washy new age things that should never work.

Success, in my view, comes from hard work and laser focussed training, not lying back and imagining how good you can be.

In fact, visualisation is a proven vital element executing the skills you learn in practice (word doc).

It seems everyone does it all the time.

However it can be used for good or evil.

If you use daily visualisation in the right way you remember past successes in as much detail as possible or picture future victories based on what you can do well. Almost like imagining yourself on TV.

What never works is bringing back your failures. Its more natural to remember what went wrong, but it's not good for your game to focus on what you can't do.

So whether you realise it or not, it's natural and human to visualise.

Use the right technique and it can be your friend rather than your downfall on the pitch.

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