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Make New Team Mates Welcome with These Tips

When a new player comes to your cricket team, it's important to break down the barriers.


Even the most confident newbie will naturally feel uncomfortable and nervous. As much as they will try to get involved, they will only ever get as involved as the current team allows them to be. It is just as important you feel comfortable around them, as it is them feeling comfortable around you.

There are a few ways that you can break the barriers down instantly.

First, introduce yourself. Walk over say hello, shake their hand and welcome them to the club. Make sure that you don't come across over-friendly to the point where the new player may feel that things are being pushed upon them and forced.

Ask simple questions; How long did it take to get there? Do they have a family? What football team do they support? These are all questions that can break the ice easily. This makes it easy to get the conversation flowing. By which time you will find others have introduced themselves and the conversation is becoming larger, making the new player feel welcome.

Make sure they don't feel either under the microscope or left out. If you suddenly asked the new player to pad up first they could get extremely nervous and uncomfortable. It will feel like the only reason that you have asked them is so they can test you, put you through your paces and see what you're like.

Don't, however, leave them until very last because this will have the opposite effect and make them feel as though they have been forgotten and you are not interested. They may even feel the team is a closed shop.

Batting them somewhere in the middle and not judging them on one session is certainly the best way to go.

Communication after the session is also key, especially during the season, as selection will be on the cards. Be honest as to where they are going to play, but make sure it doesn't sound pigeon holed.

These things are simple to do but can feel a little awkward with someone new. Take time to do it though, because if a new player feels welcome you will get the most and best from them. And that's what we all want!

About the Author: Jordan Finney is a cricket coach and sport psychology degree student.

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