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What a 1 year old can teach you about improving your cricket

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It's my youngest son's birthday tomorrow.

At one year old his cricket skills are something to be desired but he still has a lot to teach us all about the game. If you had seen the type of dramatic skill improvement he has show in the last 12 months you would be playing for your country by now.

He has gone from being totally helpless to being able to sit up, crawl, open doors, press buttons, throw a ball and feed himself. I didn't have to coach him in any of these skills. He just picked them up through sheer instinct and determination.

Watching him try and fail many times over before learning how to crawl or put a bottle in his mouth I started to realise that he was teaching us all a lesson in will power.

He never stopped trying. He never thought it was too difficult for him. He just kept getting stronger until he could do it You know it won't be long until he is taking his first steps. The amount of core strength development that takes is huge.

No wonder he sleeps 14 hours a day.

From Cradle to Cricket

Hopefully you are seeing the link to your game by now.

For most of us at club level the difference that separates the good players from the average ones is the fact they keep trying no matter how difficult the task seems.

As Woody Allen said, 80% of success is turning up.

If a 1 year old can do it, why can't we?


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Happy Birthday to Baby Hinchliffe Smiling

They say babies don't have any concept of fear - so no matter how many times they fall they'll keep trying. I'm sure we'd all score more runs if we weren't afraid of getting out.
I guess that's something like what happened to Southee last night - there were no major consequences to getting out (match was lost anyway) so he was able to go for it without fear.

Thanks Ed. You really do see that determination in them every day to keep improving.

'Happy Birthday to Baby Hinchliffe '

I second that lol.

Thanks Faris. It was a rocking party!

Belated birthday wishes, to your baby. He looks very happy with what he has done there Eye-wink

Kids are great learners until the adults start interfering and complicating things for them. Most Cricket coaching does just that, make simple tasks more complex to comprehend.

And one thing you will learn from watching him is that core strengthening, is a result of activity. Coaches these days are too focused on core strengthening exercises on the stability ball etc. The whole body work like running, playing games, lifting weights etc. all strengthens the core. No need to do isolation work.

I agree that bad coaching does that newbie! Good coaching brings out that fearlessness in others though.