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What Alanis Morrisette Knows About Cricket Confidence

I got this email from a reader recently:

“I have read your articles on staying calm and relaxed at the crease but they don't seem to work. I have the ability but completely lack confidence in the middle. Please help!”

 I can hear the frustration in that email. I’ve seen it countless times before; the batter nervously waiting for his turn, already thinking about how he might get himself out or how the bowler is too good for him.

Heck, I’ve been there myself. In fact, much better players than me have.

It reminded me of the Canadian Singer Alanis Morrissette. She sings a song called You Oughta Know on the album Jagged Little Pill.

And here is what you oughta know.
Everyone gets nerves.

Everyone has moments where their confidence is not rock solid. The way to react to those moments is not to complain that someone else’s advice doesn’t work.

Had that reader really taken in the articles on confidence he would see that they do work. They just don’t always work instantly.

Isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?

No simple ‘tip’ is going to give you confidence when yours is shot. There is no pill you can take that will make you feel invincible on the cricket field.

But there is a jagged little pill that you can take: confidence only comes from quality practice and quality preparation. It only happens when you work harder, smarter and longer than anyone else.

That medicine hurts on the way down.
But, my word, it works.
Ask Kevin Pietersen.

It’s how he dragged himself from a lower order slogger to the world’s best batsman. He explains his story and outlines his method in the videos in his online coaching course.

So if you feel like you have tried everything and all you really want is to be more confident then enrol on KP’s course today. It’ll help make you as perfect as an angry 90’s singer-song writer’s album.

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