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What every cricketer ought to know about Pilates

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There are a lot of ways to get fit. Some, like running and circuit training, are better for cricket than others.

Is Pilates a method that fits the needs of cricketers?

Pilates is a training method developed in the early 20th century that has grown in popularity recently. It's primarily interested in developing core strength and flexibility: Both important requirements for cricketers.

However as with all sports: The more specific the training the better the crossover to the cricket pitch.

But the movements in a typical Pilates class are far removed from what happens out in the middle.

For this reason, Pilates seems better suited to an active rest period of training (like after a long season) where specifics are not required. It also works well as a method of rehabilitation after injury.

This is where Pilates fails a little for cricket. It's good for general work but not specific enough to make a difference in your long term cricket performance.

Core stability, strength and mobility can all be developed in far more cricket-like ways.

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Very informative and inspiring. The article tells us the benefits of pilates in helping the overall wellness of our bodies.