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What Fountains of Wayne Can Teach You About Fast Bowling

Being a rock n roll hero is a long way from ripping through batting orders, but the American band Fountains of Wayne seem to have found a link between the two.

Specifically the track All Kinds of Time, from their third album, gives an insight into the mind of a sportsman at the peak of his performance.

You should give it a listen

When you do, you understand what it's like to be perfectly in the moment and flowing with ease as if you are in complete control of the game:

"He seems so at ease/A strange inner peace/Is all that he's feeling somehow"

That sounds a heck of a lot like the right state of mind for bowling well.

Even under the extreme sporting pressure of time running out and opponents attacking, he knows exactly what he needs to do.

And that gives him all the time he needs. Some call it flow.

So what's the Fountain's of Wayne secret to this amazing state of mind?

They boil it down to one single line:

"Just as he planned"

In coaching terms, when everything comes together we know it's the result of hard work. Talent is the sum of all the practice and planning that you do.

The stuff that never appears in the song, the stuff that leads up to that moment of sporting bliss.

Because it turns out that to have all kinds of time, you have to spend all kinds of time just on planning.

But if you do that, suddenly the external world falls away, you feel in total control and free.

You bowl your awesome game and the best part is that it feels easy. Like it's always supposed to feel.

So, next time you feel form escaping you, turn to the lessons of Fountains of Wayne, and make your bowling that much better by finding time to have all kinds of time.

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