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What muscles are used in a cricket shot?

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What muscles do you need to train to be able to bat more powerfully and with better timing?

I always thought I knew the answer to that question and could reel off a list of muscle groups involved in every shot. But now I'm happy to admit that I was wrong.

Hitting a ball with a cricket bat is not about what muscles you use and the strength of each individual muscle. It's about generating power through correct coordination and timing.

That's why as cricketers we need to train movements, not muscles: It's the most accurate way to reflect sports performance.

When you translate this into designing an exercise plan it means focussing your attention on exercises that are the most functional for your needs. For example. if you want more power then do whole body power exercises with weights, weighted bats/balls or a medicine ball.

Train the movements and the muscles in playing shots look after themselves.

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u could've put the muslces down i need tem for my GCSE's =[

I think you may have missed the point Eye-wink

there is no mention of the
muscles in this site

You missed the point JB. We train movements, not muscles. Your body doesn't know it's flexing and extending certain muscles. It just knows it is moving.

Oh by the way, if you don't like this site please feel free to ask for your money back Eye-wink

Reading all about how the 'english' perspective of 'how to bowl fast' - This is nothing racial or personal. My info comes from club members and eading articles from pros. One of the most important features of fast bowling is 'natural'. If mother nature loves you enough then you can be a born fast bowler e.g. Pakistan Under 19's has a 15 yr old v.skinny small lad who can fire the ball at speeds of 85mph and more. However if mother nature is not so kind including me you must strengthen and quicken; run up, back and shoulders DONT FORGET TO COCK you're wrist. Finally read about PLYOMETRICS. If you're not natural you can still train hard and bowl around mid 80's but its the natural that reach 90, 95, 100mph. hope it helps.

I agree there is a natural ceiling to everyone's speed. My question is this: why can some bowl faster than others? A lot of it is poor technique or poor fitness but there is another factor. I'm not sure anyone knows why but I would love to know.

'Fast Twitch Muscles' - just like how some can throw further or run faster. this muscles type are able to exert more energy in shorter time. Different people have different levels of fast twitch muscles. Use plyometrics to work on fast twitch and more speed is certain. Don't forget that you're exercise routine for seam bowlers should consist of running/jogging as much as possible; but more than 1/2 an hour, and bowl to either a single stump or batsman; atleast 8overs straight, twice!

hanan burki dont be naive. the pakistan u19 bowler, who is supposed to be 15, must be 21 years old

Where can you get a weighted bat ?

typical response from someone who is in denial, if he was 21 then he would be in the Pakistani lineup!! even wasim akram states that he is too young for him to train yet!!

David I appreciate that you can be as strong as an ox but if you don't time it and play the wrong shot the strength you have won't make that much difference but I think the article doesn't fully acknowlege the control over the bat the strength gives you.

A solution might be use a lighter bat I know but particularly in hook/cut shots where you're lifting the bat higher in the process that extra strength, particularly but not exclusively in your arms can really give you alot more control and confidence in the shot and can be the difference between a full blooded hook shot that goes miles and a kind of push it round he corner shot for two.

I think you would have to be quite weak not to be able to swing an object that weights less than 3lb with control.

I think David that even the greatest of players will have greater control over where and when the bat is depending on its weight, yes there shouldn't be any shots too difficult to play with a 3 lb bat for most fully grown adults but the ease in which they are able to play them will be proportionate to how much effort it requires to drag the bat through the air. By a similar token i'm able to throw a 142gram cricket ball with greater accuracy than I am a 156 gram ball.

theres no muscles???
we want the muscles :/

Is that the royal we?

This is ridiculous I typed in trying to find out what muslces groups there were and this ridiculous site came up! There is no mention of muskcles what so ever!

How dare we. I will change every aspect of the site to fit your needs immediately.

cool (:

My does not hits the ball perfectly so what i do

Hi i wnt to play cricket fr India i took 5/5 undr 16s plz help me