Who Knew it Could be Fun Warming Up for Cricket? | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Who Knew it Could be Fun Warming Up for Cricket?

Let's be frank, warming up is boring.

Essential for injury prevention yes, but it's not the reason you picked up a bat and ball. So if we can come up with ways to make warming up both fun and functional, we are winning at life. And if there is one coach who knows his way around fun and function, it's Iain Brunnschweiler; author of the Inspired Cricket Manual.

Here's an example of what we mean:


The great thing about this drill is that the focus is on the race between the players rather that the fact it is warming up the shoulder muscles for bowling and throwing. It's fun but it does the job. You can see from the player reaction in the video, they are into it!

Give it a try at your next net session or rematch warm up and see how you like it.

It's this idea that is continued throughout the drills and games in Inspired Cricket, so if you are a coach in need of ideas for sessions, or a player wanting to spice up your training, click here to buy one of “Brunchy's” coaching sessions, or the whole book for instant download.

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