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Why you need self belief to succeed in cricket

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Today's guest post is by Liz Ward

What do you do batting in a situation like this?

Your team is 9 wickets down needing 43 runs to win. There are 9 overs left. How do you feel? Do you believe you can do it? Is it realistic? Although certainly not a walk over, it is not beyond the realms of possibility.

This is where you dig deep for that psychological ‘tough stuff': The stuff that makes things happen. Self-belief is some of this stuff. It is unlikely that you will achieve your goal if you do not believe you can.

Believing in yourself is often the hardest thing to do, especially when your back is against the wall but when your back is against the wall it can really make the difference. Self-belief is one of the greatest tools you can have in your toolbox and knowing how to use it is a must for success.

You need to know when to bring it out and how to boost it when you need it most.

Making a deposit

By the time you are out in the middle you should know that you can do it. You have rehearsed enough; all those hours in the nets, all those previous matches. Your body knows what to do and it is poised ready to do it. Like a bank account you are drawing on the deposits of belief you have been making in practice.

Belief is nothing without realism. Maximise your strengths but at the same time be aware of, and minimise, your limitations. We have all experienced those who sit on the boundary and are free with their opinions, jeering at other's attempts only to instantly fall foul themselves.

That's not for you.

So now you stand there, strong, believing in your abilities. Can you hang on to it or do you allow others to influence you?

Fred Trueman once squared up to the opposition and declared, "I need nine wickets from this match and you buggers had better start drawing straws to see who I don't get."

How would you fare faced with such strong self-belief from another?

Remember the old adage: 'To be an achiever you have to be a believer (in yourself).'

About the author
Liz Ward is a Strength and Conditioning Practitioner operating in and around Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Suffolk with a mission to change the way cricketers train for the sport; introducing biomechanics, fitness, psychology and nutrition.

If you would like a consultation you can email Liz at e.k.ward@btinternet.com. Liz is also a consultant coach on the Simplycricket Fitness and Nutrition forum.

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mate try 12 runs 2 balls lol..

That does take belief.

It will also depend on the bowling and fielding. Liz Ward you are a psychologist, bio-mechanist, strength and conditioning coach, meta physical healer, homeopath, and new age guru? Or is that too strong a belief on my part?

Russell, I agree it depends on the ability of the opponent, but you can't do anything about that so why worry about it? You can control your own self belief.

you need to belive to achieve