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Win free cricket coaching at PitchVision Academy

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Update: The competition is now closed. However you can still send your work in informally using the same contact details.

Would you like a free membership to the world's most comprehensive online cricket coaching resource: PitchVision Academy?

Are you interested in having a free complete course from a growing list of online cricket coaching courses?

Now you can have both in our latest competition.

What's on offer?

The prize is pretty straightforward: One free membership to PitchVision Academy and one free online coaching course from PitchVision Academy's online courses.

All the courses are complete guides from experts in the field on their topic: mental training with David Hinchliffe, batting technique with Gary Palmer, bowling speed with Ian Pont, fielding skills with Derek Randall, captaincy with Mike Brearley and cricket fitness with Glamorgan CCC strength coach Rob Ahmun.

The membership also entitles you to a host of other benefits including:

  • A substantial discount on any future courses bought.
  • The ability to track your performance in bowling speed, accuracy, batting footwork, scoring areas, scoring rate and many other areas using the revolutionary PitchVision system.
  • Discounts with our partners including SPIN magazine and cricket equipment suppliers.
  • Access to the 'members only' forums and newsletter

Even if you never use these extra benefits, the course alone should be enough to substantially improve your game. If you are serious about becoming a better cricketer, how can you afford not to enter?

How to enter

We think this is a pretty special prize. The value in improved cricketing ability will be with you for years to come. As a result, we want to make this a special competition.

We know this site is read by a lot of students of all ages. We also know that many cricket-loving students do their assignments on some aspect of cricket. So to enter the competition all you need to do is:

Send in your school, college or university assignment on any aspect of cricket

The assignment can be old or recent, any grade (or even not graded yet). There is no limit to length or format so it could be a 200 word essay, a 10,000 word dissertation, a video or even audio. It can be on any cricket related subject including (but not exclusively): equipment, coaching techniques, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, sport psychology or tactics.

Simply: anything goes.

You can email your entry in to micricketcoach [at] pitchvision [dot] com. (If it's a big file like a video, email us first and we will let you know another way to send it, otherwise just mail the document straight to us).

Don't forget to send us your contact information with the email: name and phone number should do.

The winning entry will notified after the competition closes and will be published on miCricketCoach (unless you tell us otherwise).

You can enter from anywhere in the world.
Can non-students enter?

What if you don't have an assignment to email in?

Not a problem. You are welcome to enter too.

We will accept original entries as articles, videos or audio files on any subject related to cricket coaching. If you have something you always wanted to say, a drill nobody else knows about or a way of troubleshooting technical errors that solves a problem, we want to hear about it.

Also remember that if you have an old assignment, we will accept that as an entry.

Competition rules

The following rules apply to this competition:

  • The competition is run by miSport on behalf of PitchVision Academy and PitchVision miCricketCoach
  • Entries must be delivered by 12pm BST on Friday 24th July 2009. The email address for entry is micricketcoach [at] pitchvision [dot] com. Other delivery methods will be accepted, please contact the above email address for information.
  • Entries must be original work (copying or plagiarism is not permitted).
  • The winning entry will be selected by miSport after 12pm BST on Friday 24th July. This decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • The winning entry will be published on
  • The winner will be notified before Friday 31st of July via email or telephone. The winner must confirm acceptance of the prize before Friday August 28th 2009.

If you have questions please post them in the comments section. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries.

he competition is now closed. However you can still send your work in informally using the same contact details.


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Great idea for a competiton, if i win i am choosing the Fast bowling course!

I will get right on this after i finish the swing tips video!

Keep it up David, good idea for a comp and a super great prize.

Looking forward to seeing your entry vishi

its a great idea, Keep it out guys.
hope to get the opportunity and learn some batting tips.

Have you received any entries yet David?

Yes, but not yours vishi.