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Work With Your Wicketkeeper to Take More Wickets

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As a spinner you have have the great advantage of taking wickets with stumpings. Shane Warne took 152 wickets with stumpings alone!

To make it work you need to have a good bond with your keeper.


Having a great wicket keeper behind the stumps when you bowl is an absolute pleasure. However, some of us spin bowlers do not have that luxury and have to deal with part time keepers. I myself have played with all kinds; from an international keeper to a guy standing two feet back for me!

No matter who is behind the stumps when you bowl there are certain things you can and must do as a spin bowler to improve your chances of getting wickets through stumpings.

How can you work with your wicket keeper?

Practise with your wicket keeper in the nets; both with batsman at the crease and without. This gets the keeper used to your style and all your variations. Also, talk to your keeper during the game: discuss between overs the batsman at the crease. Establish if he is a candidate for stumping.

The plan of action usually goes like this:

  • The keeper watches the back foot of the batsman and informs you if his foot drags or lifts out of the crease when he plays a shot.
  • Decide with your keeper if you will try and beat the batsman on the offside or leg side.
  • The best way usually is down the leg side (full and close to the wicket) as most batsman lose their balance and the back foot will lift up.
  • If the batsman is really strong off his legs then beat the batsman on the offside with a nice floating arm ball. Draw him forward and have the ball swing past the bat.
  • When a batsman gives you the charge bowl the ball quicker and wider. You have to know which side you want to bowl at this point BEFORE it happens. It will be different for each batsman based on you and your keepers' observance.
  • If the pitch is turning big you can be brave and counter a batsman that charges you with a shorter and more flighted ball. This will take him by surprise and, if done correctly, you stand a very good chance of turning the ball past the bat. Once again. ensure your keeper knows what you will bowl to the batsman.

This increases your chances of stumpings!

The key is that the better you communicate and train with your keeper the more wickets you will take.

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