The Simple, Overlooked: A 5-Week Preseason Training Program to Improve Balance for Cricket [2007.401.044.002]
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Does one of these situations sound like you?

The meticulous trainer:

 Your strength and conditioning program looks promising. It seems that no stone has been left unturned: interval running on Mondays, core strength and nets on Tuesdays, lower body weights and plyometrics on Wednesdays, nets and fielding drills on Thursdays, upper body weights on Friday, interval running and 1-2-1 coaching on Saturdays and a rest-day on Sundays.

You’ve also integrated 20 minutes of flexibility training each morning...

The time-strapped guy:

Alternatively, you may be the other end of the spectrum, you’re working on your cricket skills but just don’t have the time to commit to a full strength and conditioning program.

Either way you have overlooked a simple and time-efficient conditioning drill: balance training.

Why should you find time for balance training?

Intuitively, we all know that balance is important in cricket.

When fielding we’re taught to steady ourselves before talking the high catch, be in the ‘set’ position as the ball is delivered and to make sure we’re in a strong, balanced position before shying at the stumps.

When batting we’re coached to ‘hit from a firm base’, ‘pose for the cameras’ after the shot, to make sure that all the head is over the ball and to get all body weight transferred ‘through’ the ball.

When bowling we’re taught the importance of being in a stable position at ball release and we know the disastrous consequences if the head ‘falls’ over and drags you off balance.

But can balance be improved?

We can learn a lot from the martial art disciplines where control of body weight is more important than pure power and strength.

But what if you don’t have the time to become a black belt?
Your answers are found in this balance training eBook and program.

The balance training program has been developed from the latest sport science research and from the strength and conditioning program at ACE cricket academy (Perth, Western Australia).

The program is designed to be easily integrated into your current schedule since the program only requires three, 10 minute sessions each week for 5 weeks.


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Chapter 1 - The Simple, Overlooked: A 5-Week Preseason Training Program to Improve Balance for Cricket
Download the eBook here

The Simple, Overlooked: A 5-Week Preseason Training Program to Improve Balance for Cricket (eBook)

Download the eBook containing the full programme here.

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Price: $14.04
Member Price: $10.80

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