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10 Best Cricket Coaching Books for eReaders

More people than ever woke up on Christmas morning to a Kindle eBook reader. Who knows how many millions got their hands on an iPad or other tablet with a Kindle app ready to go.

Great gifts, but you need something to put on them.

And despite there being over 900,000 books in the Amazon store, there is a frightening lack of cricket coaching advice for a device that you can slip into your bag.

Fortunately Kindle reads all eBooks and not just the ones from Amazon.

So here are the 10 most high-quality coaching books that you can download from PitchVision Academy and get to reading to improve your game in 2014:

  1. Michael Bevan - Finisher: Chasing Runs, Shot Selection and Consistency
  2. Nathan Bracken - Swing Bowling Masterclass
  3. Batting Lion: The Desmond Haynes Masterclass
  4. Gary Palmer - Batting Mechanics: How to Bat with the Techniques and Tactics of World Class Players
  5. Menno Gazendam - Spin Bowling Project
  6. Adrian Shaw - Wicketkeeping Drills, Tips and Training
  7. David Hinchliffe - Countdown to Summer: The Guide to Perfect Preseason Training
  8. David Hinchliffe - How to Use Mental Training to Boost Your Game
  9. Ian Pont - Attacking Batting: 8 Innovative Shots That Escalate Your Run Rate
  10. Nic Northcote - Wicket-Keeping: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art

And the bonus if there is a lady in your life who wants to learn more about the world's greatest game is Point to Fine Leg - The Modern Woman's Complete Guide to Cricket by our very own convert Stacey Harris.

To get the books on your Kindle, just download them onto your PC and transfer them across.  It’s very easy (and if you get stuck, drop me a line). Any pdf file works on Kindle and iPad.

Most of the eBooks also have other content you can use at any PC or Mac too. So it’s double the fun and ten times the improvement. 

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Hi Sir, I am interested to purchase books , 1.Batting mechanic 2.Attacking batting so how many days required to be delivered to my add Pakistan.Me active member of PitchVision but unable to purchase on members discount. Thank You

hi sir i am interestedall rounder and a purchase your books please.