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How the Golfers Review Process Helped a Shane Warne Prodigy to Success

I have the pleasure of working with a talented leg-spinner every few months. He is a top little fella, only 10 years in age and growing at the same rate of knots as a sweet corn field in the middle of a perfect summer. He first tried leg spin at the age of seven on a cricketing holiday we run out in St Lucia and has persevered with the toughest skill in cricket ever since.

The Thompson Reaction Drill

This drill of the week is great fun, a super reaction and decision making drill and we like to use it as part of a warm up to get the hands, eyes and “grey matter” prepared for the intensity of a coaching session or a match.

How to Practice Indoors to be Ready for for Outdoor Cricket (It's Easier Than You Think)

One of the biggest problems in cricket practice is moving from indoor surfaces in winter to spring and summer outdoor pitches.

Catching is a Mindset

You can never become too good at catching, right? So this has been a major emphasis as we embark on a new season.

Which is Best: Nets or One to One Training?

If you have cricket training options, which is best?

50 Catches Drill and Analysis

The days are getting longer, the grass is growing and the groundstaff are rolling the square.

Crash Mat Spin Bowling

As you may be aware, I love working with Spinners, especially leg-spinners. I’m lucky to be able to work with a few Leggie’s which includes 14 year old Michael.

Get On With It!

This week is all about being able to “get on with it!”

“Get on with it!” has become a bit of a strap line for me over the years as I have applied the saying to so many cricketing situations in so many different environments.

Stop Insane Mistakes With Sane Post-Game Reviews

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Yet how many times after a game have we "reviewed" performance with a bunch of fleeting clichés about bowling better, taking our catches and taking responsibility as a batting unit?

How many times do we actually do something about this complaint other than hope things will change next time?

The Buvuma Run Out Drill

The guys at school have been working so hard over the past couple of weeks building up their throwing workloads and developing their capacity to create run out opportunities from different angles and positions.