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4 Angles: The Only Technical Batting Session You Ever Need

PitchVision batting coach Gary Palmer has been causing a bit of a stir.

After years of experimenting and developing he has come up with the ultimate batting session.

A batting session that is so effective and so complete he has been showing it to open-mouthed coaches at several first-class counties.

But here is the kicker; it teaches you to bat in a way that has never been taught before.

Gary calls it 4 Angles, and it’s the only session you will ever need as a coach or a player.

Why 4 Angles works

Batting can be boiled down to a simple ABC method; alignment, balance and completion of shot.

To be consistent as a batter, these key elements of batting need to be constantly addressed within a batting technique.

4 Angles is a systematic and innovative session designed for all ages and levels of players. It’s been designed and tested by Gary Palmer to progressively develop your ABC’s through the position and swing of a bowling machine.

By doing this your technique becomes ingrained far more quickly than just facing bowlers from one, or two angles of attack. You are equipped to survive high class spells of bowling early on in your innings and thrive when you get set.

Using different angles the batsman is challenged to:
  • Construct a solid technical base because the closer to perfection you are, the more versatile you are.
  • Fine tune a well-established technique against good quality bowling
  • Monitors and maintains technique to stop bad habits forming
  • Adds pressure to technical work for advanced players
  • Identify and, with good coaching, correct good technique
  • Add natural flair

Unlike a typical technical session, 4 Angles lets you face all angles and swing/spin types. You are forced to adapt to every possible type of bowling and you will be more effective. 

The session is a simple way to improve the way you play swing and spin bowling simply, naturally and effectively. Gary has improved the technique of dozens of players over the last few years while fine-tuning it at his Academy sessions.

What Is 4 Angles?

So what is the magic sequence?

At the moment Gary is keeping the exact details close to his chest. He’s saving it for the guys he has been coaching.

But he is so confident it works he has already shown it to 5 first-class counties, with more to follow.

And you can get the exact details too.

Just head over to Gary’s page on PitchVision Academy and put your name down for his free online notebook. As soon as 4 Angles is ready for you, we will let you know.

Until then, why not take a guess in the comments? The really shrewd readers may be able to work it out from the clues on this site.

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Are the four angles pace and spin over the wicket and these two from around the wicket?

Im' legspin bowler. im' going to play a 45over match.can you tell me the best field set for me.my field set will be Short Cover, Extra Cover, Point, Mid wicket, Slip, Deep fine square leg, Mid on, Mid off, Deep mid wicket or Leg slip or Short fine leg. I got a great googly that turns and bounce.If the Pitch got good turn and bounce i will set a Mid wicket and leg slip or short fine leg.If the pitch got less bounce i will set Mid wicket and Deep mid wicket. If the batsmen attacking my field set will be like this a Cover, Point, Deep cover point, Slip, Mid wicket, Deep fine square leg, Deep mid wicket,long on, long off,The field restriction is only 5 fielder's out side the circle.Can you tell me is this field set is good or bad.Can you tell me the best field for me.

Is this to do with the position within the crease? You can move left, right, forward and backward. Ie. To a off spinner you would move to the right in the crease upon release opening up midwicket?