4 Simple ways to be a better fast bowler | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

4 Simple ways to be a better fast bowler

Fast bowling is an obsession.

Good fast bowlers say that, when they were young, bowling with pace was their passion. If you want to be really fast as a bowler look to build speed first and last.

Just try to bowl quick.

After building genuine pace, it is important for you to perfect your bowling action. Anything lacking in bowling actions would not only make you lose control of your deliveries, it leads to injuries by putting extra stress on a player’s body. Anyone who has played cricket will tell you that changing your bowling action is hard. So it’s important that you stay on the right track from the beginning and develop a decent action which would allow you to bowl fast and achieve greatness.

Here are a few thinks you should look to do when you run in to bowl:

1. Measure Your Run-up

Carefully measure your run-up, no one but you can judge what length would be suitable for you. If you can bowl quick with a short run-up like Wasim Akram then run in from a short run-up. However if you feel that your action requires a run-up like Bret Lee, so be it. What is not acceptable is that you running in to bowl every ball with a different length of run-up, if you do that you won’t be able to control your bowling

2. Tilt Back and Lean Forward while Delivering a Ball

If you want to bowl with pace, it is important that you have the right momentum. The impetus your action will be the extra pace you will be able to generate. Take a swift run in, and just when you are about to deliver, tilt back. Then immediately drive forward when you deliver the ball. By doing this, you should be using your chest muscle and upper body strength. This would generate a lot of pace and a swift follow through. 

3. Bring Down the Front Arm Straight Across

This reduces stress from your back. If you bring down your non bowling arm straight across, it allows you to deliver the full thrust your body without putting extra pressure on any other body part. Bowlers who are late in bringing down their front arm exert pressure on their shoulder blades, and those who bring it down away from the body put killing stress on their back. This again, is not an effective technique of bowling quick but also for a smooth action. Little things like this prolong a bowler’s life.

4. Jerk the Wrist Forward at Point of Delivery

Give your wrist a jerk at the last moment of releasing the ball. This will give you extra pace, and depending upon your grip also some movement off the seam. If you are tall quick, jerking the wrist will also give you some extra bounce.

For more tips of bowling fast get the online coaching course "How to Bowl Faster" by Ian Pont, author of the Fast Bowler's Bible and fast bowling coach to Bangladesh.

image credit: Sarah Canterbury

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hey this is achal shah from india.im a pace bowler but my swing nd length is my weakness.i am a 15yr old boy but i can bowl very fast{according to my age}.i bowl at around<115-120kph> but batsmen easily stoke it away. i have tried to swing the bowl but it never happens but occationally it happens .i have tried to make my seam position straight but still the seam doesnt come in a straight line.so wat should i do to swing a ball?my coaches nd my friends say that i need to decrease my bowling speed nd runup.i usually take 25steps. so wat should i do??

i usually do 30situps,50dips daily...is it alright or should i do more fitness activities???

i wanna want to be a bowling allrounder but my batting always disappoins mme...i wat to become a defencive batsman but i am not able to do so...at the nets im mostly perfect but it isnt yhe case during matches...

salam,my name is m.umer 14 yrs oldfrom Pakistan i m a fast medium bowler but my bowl goes very slow and when i deliver the ball it reaches to the batsman after 2.00 secs
but my cousine he is also 14yrs old he deliver the ball very fastly his ball reaches to the batsman after 0.44 secs i want to deliver the ball fast what should i do?(i was a very fast bowler but on july 2010 a car hits me and i lost my all pace)

That is a sad story Umer. I hope you recover from your bad luck. Look here for tips on bowling faster.

my name is Rameez and iam 15 years old. iam trying my level best to increase the pace of the ball but i cant. iam not getting correct bowling action and correct run up. some time ball is gowing out of my control and goes wideor no ball .

my names jordan im 16 years old and am a seam bowler, i naturally swing the ball into the batsman, at 15 years of age in june 2009 i was recorded at 121kph, i want to develop my pace and also learn how to swing the ball both ways with control, how am i able to increase my pace first of all and develop an outswinger?

My name is madhu from kerala .I am 6feet tall but i cant bowl fast .Now i am a Right arm medium pacer. i want to increase my speed what to do ??????plz u have to help me!!!!!!!!!

the 2nd tip - tilt back? doesn't Ian Pont say you should NEVER be doing that, coz the momentum is backwards then? It's more like a braking action when you land after the jump right?

But i've felt that some quick bowlers like lee, and tait, (and from the above pic steyn) tilt back a little... but donald, ambrose etc spent so little time with their right leg planted, coz the weight was forwards... What's your take on this?

I read a javelin tips page which says when throwers thrust their legs forward it might look like the body is tilting back, while the weight is still forwards

dear david.
my name is faran and im 23 yrs old. my bowling is quite fast, the only problem i have with my bowling is that i cant bowl on line and length.i tried so much, but i still end up throwing 3 to 4 wides in an over..and i end up with alot of pain in my back after 4 to 5 overs...
is theere any tips you can give me which will help me in future? thanks

nothing comes easy
so practice harder on keeping your wrist behind the ball
and remember that not even pros swing every ball
so keep tryin cuz u have your age to your advantage
n my personal advice is to go for a run up that's 18-20 paces
and try using shoulder-hips alignment
also use your wrist to get better swing

Hey Umer, your cousin bowls at around 160-165km/hr based on 0.44sec....I think NOT!

YEAH u got wok hard and be positive . I have a problem i swing the bowl when i bowl slow bt i get wild when trying to bowl fast . So what i am going to do pls help..

Practice more is all I can say. Don't expect to the baal to move a lot initially. Keep practicing and you will get it one day and keep thinking when you are bowling. Judge the batsmen's comfort level and make variations to your bowling

my name is arhum, im 11 and i bowl at 115 and above 90 km ,i swing the tape ball both ways and i need to maintain my length and line and a little bit of pace ,plz help bro,thnx

I am a 14 year old bowler.I am around 55 kg and around 5ft 6in.I bowl left arm medium pace.Can you give me tips to increase my pace?I am from India.

i am 16 year old and 6ft tall i have problem in my run up dats why i am not able to bowl fast pls help me to bowl fast an also tell me how to measure my speed

Have you tried the tips in the article? Also take a look in the Fast Bowling section of the site. Finally, fo speed tracking - use PitchVision!

Sir i m lucifer from india from a smal town i like cricket and want to became a cricket but due to small town in which i live i cant go to play due to absence of stadium and of a academy i can bowl and bat also pls help me sir how can i made my career

Sir I am Usama From Pakistan.I am 17 years old.I am a left arm fast bowler.My bowling action is like Mohammad Aamir.My bowling speed is 110kph.Sir i am a under 19 player of Multan Region.I am SELECTED in under 19 team.plz tell me how i can increase my pace.plz tell me

Hey, I am 16 years of age, I swing the ball in and out by batsman seem to pick it up easily because of my ridicolously slow pace, I struggle to bowl over 100km/ph I desperately need to bowl another 10-20 kmph quicker, otherwise I wont trouble senior batsman. I desperately need someone's help.

I am 18, 6'1" and 60 kg.I can bowl at high pace and can swing taped tennis ball in air easily. (actually I managed to bowl outswing in air in 7 shape.

But I HAVE THESE Problems:

* I having around 5 bowling actions and I can never had constant bowling action.

* I cannot control ball and have no idea how to aim target very accurately.

* If I bowl 2 overs then in my first over I generally bowl 3 wides but in 2nd over line is very well.

any Tips?

bro juist work on your seam position and swing, make sure you use your wrist when swinging the ball, have a smooth run up and action which makes it easier to land it on the seam, make sure youre comfortable with your run up you should be running at about 3/4 speed at delivery pouint, dont worry too much about speed like you said batsman can stroke it away you cant bowl fast enough that its unplayable. fitness activites are good!

I Used To Be A Notable Fast Bowler During mY sixteens
and in the tournament hich was hed on city basis i was renowned as the fastest of them all..
later we lost the match andd i was upset enough at the defeat that i quit cricket for next years...
then after a span of 4 years i tried to bowl again and my bowl is of a medium pacer now...
it hurts me alot... i lost my most unique skill... i lost my main quality...is there any way to regain that speed????

suck on cocks and minges

Hi david,i am Aravindh from India,I am just 17 and i got real passion for fast bowling even though i am concentrating on my batting.first of all,i was thinking that my bowling speed would be around 100 kph.i have very strong core muscles and strong back as a result of gym workout but the problem is i get injured often.how can i prevent it?my fellow mates tell me that i am the quickest one in my place,is there is any way to measure my pace?i have measured the time between the release of the ball and the moment it passes the batsman or reaches him.the maximum with full strength i can bowl is 0.52 secs but i am consistent around 0.55 secs.please suggest me to get rid of injuries and how much pace i would be bowling with the about readings.

Hi, i am really impress that you swing the tape ball both ways i really wanted to learn i am a pace bowler similar to akram style i got decent pace but i cant swing in air can you help me please or give me some tips or pic how can i swing in air

What is the average speed for a 13 year old???

Thanks for the good which, I am same umer who coudnt bowl fastly but now I can bowl like ShoAib akhtar and I play club cricket.now I can also swing the bowl in both ways with extreme pace. Its all about practise

sir I m shoaib war from kashmir india where we dont have much cricket acadmies.unfortunately I am from same place,i play for my local club and today was our match and on very first ball of my over I bowled that no ball which ended up in a huge six on next ball which was free hit,sir please help me and it also my first match in any match,sir I do practice a lot but my run up is not getting right and sir please can u tell me which length should I bowl to a hard hitting batsman particularly in the bigning of the game

sir I m shoaib war from kashmir india where we dont have much cricket acadmies.unfortunately I am from same place,i play for my local club and today was our match and on very first ball of my over I bowled that no ball which ended up in a huge six on next ball which was free hit,sir please help me and it also was my first match with that club,
sir I do practice a lot but my run up is not getting right and sir please can u tell me which length should I bowl to a hard hitting batsman particularly in the bigning of the game

Hello David, I am a right arm fast-medium bowler. The problem with me is my wrist doesn't jerk or move from it's locked position. Can you give me some advices/ drills to improve my wrist movement? I will be very thankful.

i m mani from burhan, i m a fast bowler and i m 17 years old, i have good pace in bowling but now a days i have loss all of my pace what should i have to do to regain my bowling pace, plzzz help me

Achal, i read ur post, i think when u start run up then just focus to deliver ball just lit outside of off stump n pitch on good length. N most important, holding ball nt much tight n keep ur face straight while delivering ball. For speed i think ur jump is most important. Then shoulder power n last moment ur wrist jerk. It may help u.

Hi, my name is Omar, 15 years of age, from Australia. I am a left arm pace bowler, usually open the bowling, I have developed a natural inswinger and the occasional outswinger to the right handed batsman, my main concern is my run up and follow through. I extract decent speed yet I think that if I could work on my run up, definitely my pace would increase even more. I keep a 15 step run up, adding another 3 walking steps to it and then run in, my follow through has benefited from these 3 additional steps. I have this tendency to be wary of the bowling crease and am overly concious of crossing the line, which kind of leads me to take smaller, halting steps towards the end of my run up, which decreases speed. How can I overcome this problem? Analysing Wasim Akram's tapes, I noticed the fact that he did not have a large jump in his run up compared to bowlers like Imran Khan so also would like to know the advantages and the need to have a jump in my run up.

hi, my name is kartikeya. i'm about to 16 from india.i'm a wicketkeeper and an opening batsman as well as the captain of my team. my problem is that i dont know how to handle all these things in one way.please give me some fitness tips and strategies as it takes a lot of stamina to do all these things.

sir . I am noorullah from pakistan . I am 15 year old .my height is 5.8 . I have good pace in bowling . My bowling speed is 139kph.sir how can i increase the speed to 145 to 150kph

my name is owais i am a fast bowler i have 138 kps speed in tpeball but i cannot swing or cut the ball tell me how i cut and swing the

hi i am from Mumbai,india i am 18 years old my height is 6.3 and action is mixed of mitchell johnson and brett lee i can ball consistently at 140+ with accuracy but can bowl 145+ with little effort my problem is that when batsmen hit me for four or six i get angry and increase my pace but end up giving more extras and wides how can i get accuracy bowling fast without decreasing pace many say to decrease pace but i want to increase it also can joining gym increase my pace

You should take your run-up according to the rhythm. So that ur body comes in the good position while bowling.
Don't hold the seam tightly. Make it loose. And put ur thumb tip underneath the ball.

hi my name is usama im 12 yrs old im a very fast bowler the problem with my length and line.

Hi, I have followed young fast bowlers' progress with interest over a few years and have reached a few conclusions:
- fast bowlers are full of hype and exaggeration
- a fast action aged 10yrs will probably end up fast at 18yrs
- youngsters grow at different rates, which determines the rate of increase in their speed
- genuine target speeds for a hand held speed gun (remarkably consistent) based on kids I have coached are in mph (sorry): 10yrs = 58mph; 11yrs = 61mph; 12yrs = 64mph; 13yrs = 67mph; 14yrs = 70mph
- there are few good fast bowling coaches around, but the ones there are can add up to 10mph, but there are more important interventions
- kids are obsessed with pace, but unless it is searing, it's unlikely to blow batsmen away without a bit of accompanying sophistication.
- stress fractures are scarily common, not helped by the fact that a mixed action does seem to often be associated with some rapid deliveries.
- fast bowling is really a mug's game. But can be terribly exciting.....

Call me on this no +919797166285

Bro i think u get ur wrist postion right i mean for outswing put u r middle finger on seam where as for inswing put first finger or you can also swing ball like styen by jerking at the release of delivery.....

Hello sir
I m 16 yrs old nd m right arm fast medium bowler i bowls nearly 130 km\h but i wan to be more fast.. And also wan to increase my stamina plz help me sir

i am fast medium bowler from kashmir ..my bowling axtion is like dale styne i am 16 years old.wanna bowl quicker

You are going to ground for fitness
cricket is speed game you are try to speed work in ground
every day 50 push ups and core exercises for aibs
and you are playing match your mintlity is every bowl faster than my last bowl

Hi,kartikeya.i am 14 year,i have a tricks for stamina and fitness that is eat egg or drink milk after that relax for 30min and run how much you can after that exercise then you can bowl well practise this step daily and you absorb yourself the difference of stamina and tiredness

hey im from pakistan and im a right hand fast bowler i can swing the bowl can pace the bowl and i have alot of speed also im 16 years old but when i play the game after my 5 to 6 overs i fell some pain in my back What is the demonstration

me ap ko ak easy tip dn ga ap ki bowling arm jitne teez ghome gi itne he speed ho gi or dosra bazo ki help lene se pace barhte ha agar ap apna nonbowling hand ko jhatke se neche karo ge ap ka bowling hand teze se ghome ga agar ap is ko sahe tareeqe se karte ho to ap 100 ki speed le sakte to . or speed ke liye muscles bhe zarori han suba suba dent vgera or lambi door lgaya karen i will help!

hi guys its herschelle soni from nagpur,i am just 14 years old,but i have an extreme pace in my delievery,my fastest bowl was record 127.09kph,i consistent bowl between 105 to 125kph,i am capable to swing bowl both ways,so plz suggest me,no +918551984867

Hey my name is hamza 18 years old . I am a fast bowler . My pace ia quite good . When i bowl . My back leg thigh hurts everytime after 2 overs . What to do ?

My name is OM . I AM A FAST BOWLER .

just keep calm do 30 to 40 pushups and situps twice a day and get your good runup good equipments and keep your head still

i wanna play for india... My age is 22. Am a right arm fast bowler.... I can bowl in 3diffrent action, a Round arm action, round arm with elbow jerk nd sling arm action..,and all perfectly with speed of 145km/hr to 150km/hr or above. And i also bat. So can u pls suggest me something..pls

If u hav talent than no one stops u but for the selection u need a strong background or high source. Keep tryin to play in clubs.

myslf vpul i am13 years of age. by practising hard i hav attained the speed of 125-135kmph. but i want bring more pace in my bowling and bounce so that i can scare the batsmen by delivering to his throat. HOWcan i do this. what is the ideal length and line i should delivet a batsmen.

sir my name is Jahanzaib,am from Islamabad,Pakistan.
sir am a fast bowler with the good pace but i cant control on my line and length.Whenever i faces a good batsman i tried my best to bowl at good line n length but i cant control and most of deliveries oes wide and goes for hufmge six and i also feel lower back pain and cant bowl more.My height is 6.1 and 20 yers old plz sir tell me my problem's solution.

sir,I am from kashmir India.I have lot of pace ,but problem is that when I am playing cricket match with other team
I fell stress in my mind also my heart beating gets high.
Age 21 .please help me

I'm 18 years old and I'm 6 feet 3 but I can't bowl fast, well I couldn't, just follow these tips and you'll do great, one by one , take your time. And if you kinda of heavy, loose weight, trust me it helps a lot,
2.follow these instructions one by one

I play in Canada provincial domestic teams, I improved with leaps and bound. Only in one season .

sir i want to know about running pattern of a fast bowler. Whether it should be heal strike, midfoot strike or forefoot strike. Please inform me correct running pattern for a fast bowler.

Hi sir !! I am gaurav from India . I m 20 years old n i can bowl fast at about 135 km/hr . Earlier i used to bowl very slow but from the past two years i m working on my run up n that's why i can bowl that fast now but sir there is a problem the pace doesn't completely come from the shoulder , major part of the pace comes from straightening of the elbow (a bit like steyn) and people always end up reporting me for illegal action !!! How should I correct myself sir !!!?? Please help me sir ..i m getting depressed over this!!

mostly u need to concentrate at your foot work mainly on front foot for good defencive batsmen blenfing front foot is more important try to defend the ball only on off side mind that u should give extra effort defending the sweet touch ...to the ball is important more over if u face a bowler whose bowling style is not familiar to u just leave ball on check his phase for two deliveries r more if it was on the stumps jus softly put the bat before your legs ....remenber that if u are a defence batsmen always u need to the phase of bowler......judge,lean ,front foot ,off side ,sweet touch 5 laws for to improve the defencive skills

As for as your concern bowling is no problem... just use your brain before you run up to bowl and then deliver the ball. because it seems like batsman are predicted, what kind of ball you are going to bowl.. so you just mix up with some varieties like slow ball, off cutter,,, whichever you prefer....

then about batting, see when you bat in nets almost you are confident of seeing the ball and hitting. but when it comes to the games same thing you have to do... just see the ball and hit it in the gaps in the beginning then make it big....

i hope it is useful for you... thank you

i'm joshua from australia im 13 years old and bowl around 105km/h-110km/h im 5ft10 and weigh about 55kgs does anyone know any good bowling shoes that are: comfortable, long lasting and prevent as many foot injuries as possible

hi dis iz teja! 15 years old , 5ft 11 inches' 80 kg; i bowl wid speed of 120 to 125 but d ball goes straight without any movement,,and also having bounce,,i played state level.,.and nw trying fr d southzone,,and im nt able to keep up all d movementum in my ruuning action.,.,i need tips nd suggest me exercises!!

i m also 15yrs old aur meri speed bhi itni hi thi lekin ab speed increse ho rahi hai ... Speed increse krne ke liye shoulder,legs,thai ...majboot honi chaiyeh iske liye ZIM karna chaiye sirf legs aur shoulder ki...

Hey achal I am too of 15 in age and I bowl 130 k`s and I HV bowling fast is done by passion and aggression it is a thing which is by birth if you HV that aggression then nly batsmen will nt be able to play. Fast bowlers are born too bowl fast they r not made they HV that aggression by birth it is not being created

Achal I am also of 15 in age and I bowl above 130"ks and the thing is that you HV to select one whether bat or bowl the thing is that you must be having that aggression in yourself fast bowlers are vorn to ball fast they are not made they are there only to bowl quick and the thing is if you HV that aggression I bet even sachin or sehwag will HV trouble stroking you away

Hello Sir. I am Pratik From India. I am seam bowler. sir when i deliver the bowl , its going wide 3 balls out of 6 baals i bowled. please tell me how i can reduce wide balls.

good evening sir,i am 21 year old,height 6.5 ,i am fast bowlerand right hand batsman,i have done practice on
tennis ball,should i join coaching? or any chance of future...

Hello mY Name iS Hassan iam younG 16 yEars oLD iam batting all rounDer i think iam gooD in BattinG bUT On OTheR SiDe mY FasT bowling iS gooD but LittLe pRoBLeM iS that mY arM aCtioN iS juST CoLLapSeD toGetHer so Thats why i WouLd noT bE GeNeraTe paCe mY dReaM iS tO pLaY foRy NaTion aS a GooD AnD AggreSivE ALL rOunDer buT minUr pRoBLeM iS thE BoWLinG arm aCtion mY Run up is GooD mY jumP iS GooD buT in the enD i can't bowL FasteR aS i Can so aNyonE pLeaSe heLp mE...! Sad :'(

Sir i am one of the die hard fan of sir brett lee i have action naturally exact to him and i am a 15 year old boy i have swing and pace clocking 130kph and have an outstanding record at district and state level problem with me is lack of opportunities in India i want go to Australia but lack of family support is my biggest cons i know i have the potential to be the fastest bowler bt don't know what to do next?

good morning sir,i am 27 year old,height 5.8 ,i am fast bowlerand right hand batsman,i have done practice on tennis ball a week four to five days, i do seven to ten overs everyday continue? Sir please give me some suggestion because my aim is fast bowler of India. But my present age is 27 years old. I am working at present but i do practice every morning and evening a week four to five days. Sir I have no time in day because i do work. I can't not join coaching because i have not time in day. Sir, I request to you please give me simple process for me or any chance of future for cricket.

Hi there, I am Aadityaraj Bhattarai from Kathmandu,Nepal. I am a cricket enthusiast and I have always wanted to become a fast bowler,but the problem is I neither have idea how to swing the ball nor I have any idea to increase my pace. There are some cricket academies in Kathmandu but my parents don't sponser me for that. Any suggestions for me ?

İ am 14 year old. My height is 5 foot 8 inches. I can able to clock more than 130 km/h. I used to bowl with the action of Shoaib Akhtar. My run up is around 30 yards. I was looking to bowl above 135 km/h but its getting hard to require that kindkind of accuracy and momentom.

İ am 14 year old. My height is 5 foot 8 inches. I can able to clock more than 130 km/h. I used to bowl with the action of Shoaib Akhtar. My run up is around 30 yards. I was looking to bowl above 135 km/h but its getting hard to require that kind of accuracy and momentom.

Man throwing the ball at a high speed is not the crux of GOOD PACE BOWLER! you need to have good line and length... Am a 17 year right arm pace bowler and my pace variations are around 130kmph/146kmph...
i.> INSWING- Hold the cricket ball with the seam vertical and the first two fingers slightly across the seam so that it is angled a little to the leg side. (note- one side of the bowl should be worn and other should be polished! The ROUGH SIDE WILL BE ON RIGHT SIDE IN INSWING)

These technique will help you to bag some wickets....


Hey achal if you want to get control your line and length try to bowl slowly in nets don't try to bowl fast achieve your line length on your normal speed then build your speed and bowl fast try to bowl bouncers and yorkers it will give you confidence I am also a fast bowler and my speed is also good enough to my age I am 16yrs old and my speed is 130-135 with perfect line I tried that you should also try best of luck.

sir iam satyam singh from india iam medium fast bowler iam not able to use wrist sir how can i use wrist in bowling wich can increase my speed with high arm action

I am Abhishek from india .I am 15 years old my bowling speed is 125-130kmph but my length is not good.I don't measure my run up as u said . is this the problem??

sir i am garvit srivastava from india I am a fast bowler i want to know what length should i bowl to dismiss the batsman....????

Sir i am shiVam from delhi i am 17 year old i have taken 7 wickets in 2 consucutive overs without giving a run both overs are maidain in my school tournament i want join dehi ranji team but i m financial weak to join cricket academy plz help me sir

Hey I am very keen for fast bowling but I need some tips plzzzzz anyone can give me tips for fast bowling as a beginner....

Throwgh the bal as haard as u cn Smiling

hy. i am m adnan from pakistan.i am 14 years old.i am a fast bowler.i play in young tiger c.c.my speed is 0.35 sec.but now this time i am not agree with my bowling.i want to make my speed more fast and line,length.please advice me.

Hi. i am suresh from Andhra Pradesh. My height is 4 foot 10 inches. A way must be bowling.
A way must be bovlving.

I am a 16 year old bowler I have a good bowling action run up, pace even very good line and length.my problem is that I can't control my jump , frequently I bowl no ball

Hey anchl shah you i m 14 years old and my speed is also 115-120... I think you shold do ur run up ... 19 steps.. I m taking 17 steps only...

I want to improve my runup. and control my no boll . please help me . give me some tips . please reply soon

I can bowl fast but I have problem with my run up plz sir help me

I am too a fast bowler but I can't jerk my wrist while bowling please someone tell me how to improve it

The footwork and basic rule is important for bating

Hello‚ my name is Ayush and my bowling speed is nearly about 125km/h. I want to increase my bowling speed but I am not sure about my consistency. If anyone knows how to increase pace so please reply me.

hey everyone, i am abhay a 16 year old boy my bowling speed is above 150KM/hr and i am able to bowl yorkers and good length deliviries but the problem is that after bowling 1 to 2 overs i fell pain on my shoulder and my speed dip to 105 km/hr and if i over try to bowl at 150 or above speed the bowl goes wide or no ball. Any tip?

you should focus on line and length.for this you have to reduce your pace for sometime

i m tnuj i m a fast bowler but my length is good but i cant do bouncer and sometimes my bowling is called illegal action wht can i do????

Well, guys im a fast bowler, 15yrs, whenever i bowl i try to jerk my wrists, but after sometime i figured out that first while jerking my wrist, my elbow too jerks and straightens and allow me to jerk my wrists. Is this natural or am i chucking. Plz help

hi i am prakhar from india of 14 years of age..i am a right arm fast bowler..i want to learn wrist system is cricket..how to give a litttle jerk to my wrist while about to bowl? plse help me?do i should give jerk to my wrist backwrds or forward?

If you realy wants to bowl fast so copy a fast bowler like shoaib akhtar shaun tait or brett lee i was also slow but ever since i tried to bowl like shoaib akhtar my pace increased its 10 year since iam playing cricket now i am 22 year old and i can bowl 150+ very consistenly i am also from pakistan

Hello Achal shah My name is gawain i am a medium pace bowler who some times gets to high 120s early 130s bowling i am not tall only 5 ft 6 but i have a smooth run up from walking start 17 paces the after 15 paces into a comfortable running speed. what i lack in height i generate in a good leap prior to back crease and bend my back and pitch full length balls new or old ball outside off stump.i am unsure of your height as your growing but you will adapt to different running styles in growth spurts. my advice to you is simplify everything find your endurance level maybe shorten your run up by 5 to 10 paces your natural running style will come into effect here. longer strides if tall or shorter strides if smaller . what ever your body condition is work with it.If the batsman are stroking the ball away with ease look at the deliveries you have bowled and if the shots are repeating then a adjustment of line length is important here DO NOT OVERTHINK. work your batsman out find his aggression or defensive traits by the ball your bowl.. outside off 4-8 inches is a wonderful line full or just length ball . try a scrambled seam as a change up same body action but seam side on pref do this post 15-20 overs as to not damage new ball.with your fingers either side of seam and thumb resting underneath there should be i fingers width of space between the ball and your palm while holding . this action with straight seam important. also flez wrst back as you deliver the ball focus your eye line down the wicket to off stump or outside off and follow through smooth .. let me know how you go or send me a video of you in the nets front on side on and from behind best of luck ))

hey badrish ! i think the problem is u is with ur bowlig action..YOU should first try to copy one good and orthodox fast bowler action .when you have learn bowling basics and have been satisfied by ur performance u can change your action or continue with it!!!! and can u plse help me also im not able to give a jerk to my wrist ...im prakhar of age 14

hath ko kaise gumakar bowling kare