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4 ways to improve your cricket reactions

Your reactions will naturally vary from other peoples, but whatever your reaction time, you can improve it by practice.

The benefits to cricket are huge, giving you more time while batting and fielding, so reaction training should be part of your plan to improve your cricket.

  1. Reaction ball. If you only own one bit of 'training' gear, get a reaction ball. They are cheap to buy, easy to slip in your bag and great fun to practice with. You can bat or field with it and it actually works at improving your reaction time.
  2. Double up. During skills practice you can use 2 balls to improve reactions. For example, get a partner to hold a red and white ball out at shoulder height. He drops them both and calls out a colour. You have to catch the colour he calls.
  3. Get fit. General fitness is proven to improve reaction times significantly. So if you are not already training (and if you read this blog and don't train you should be ashamed) get into the gym.
  4. Concentrate. The more focussed you are on the task, the quicker your reactions. That said, it's impossible to concentrate for long periods without a rest, so you need to use all the tricks you can to improve your cricket concentration.

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Thanx a lot, I will definetly use these tips.

Sonakshi, great to hear from you. let me know how well it works for you.

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will this help you play fast bowling (90mph) please answer

These are some great ways on how to improve on cricket reactions.i must say that these tips are very effective.

thanks, i found the redd and white ball one especcially helpful Smiling

asome really i must say thank you.

did not work

What did not work? Al those methods have worked many times.

how can i maintain my pace and pressure.