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6 cricket matchday nutrition tips

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"What special nutritional needs do cricket players have?" was a question I asked back in August.

Since I wrote that, I've been looking more into optimum sport nutrition and it seems some amendments are needed to the original plan.

Following Mike Boyle's advice that endurance and recovery are both driven by nutrition, not training here are the new tips:

  1. Follow Dr. John Beradi's 7 Habits as much as you can on non-playing days and the morning of the match. Most notably, get your carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables, fat from fish, eggs, nuts and olive oil and lean protein from meat, dairy, protein shakes or fish.
  2. ABout 2 hours before the match have a meal as above but add in some processed carbohydrates like cereal, bread or pasta to top up your glycogen stores. Avoid 'bad' fats from processed meat and fried food.
  3. During warm up, while you are waiting to bat and when you are in the field drink half a litre per hour of 'workout drink' as outlined here.
  4. At the interval have a meal based on Dr Beradi's rules but add a small amount carbohydrates through bread or pasta. Alternatively, have another workout drink (but not both).
  5. The exception is when you have not done anything in the first session (your team has batted and you did not get in). If that's the case, at tea have a smaller meal similar to the first tip.
  6. After the game, cool down and refuel with a whole food meal within 2 hours of the close of play.

Bear in mind all these tips are for optimum nutrition to give you more energy during play rather than minimal requirements to avoid starvation.

You can ignore them and still eat they way you want, just be prepared to perform less well towards the end of an innings. Good nutrition is that important to your game.

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