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The Protein Cheat Sheet for Cricketers

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Protein will help your cricket.

It's not as important as technical ability, physical fitness and tactical nous, but it has a role. As you are going to eat protein anyway, you may as well make the most of what it can do for you on the pitch.

The good news is that it's not difficult.

There's no weighing of chicken breasts and measuring out macro nutrient breakdowns. Sure, you can do those things if you have a specific reason. For the average cricketer you simply need to dial into the basics and get on with playing God's own game.

Here is a quick and dirty summary of the stuff you need to know about protein for cricket.

Batting is Like a Good Night Out

Too many of us are guilty of the big Friday night out ahead of Saturday’s game; even professional players play the ‘rain card’,  trying to decide if it will rain the next day in order to justify a night out in town.

But how is this for a justification for your ill behaviour: Going out is research because batting is just like a big night out on the town.

The first pint, the first ball

How to Keep Wicket with Sore Hands

Wicketkeeping is a tough job. It’s made more difficult when you have been keeping a lot because your hands get bruised and sore.

When the ball thuds into your gloves hard and you wince, it’s only natural to become reluctant to catch the ball. When that happens you start making simple mistakes and looking foolish.

Just ask MS Dhoni.

Does Playing Cricket Need Supplements?

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It’s no secret that in the effort to squeeze every drop of talent from themselves – and gain a lucrative IPL contract – professional cricketers are turning to protein shakes and creatine.

It makes sense to look after your body when it’s your livelihood.

But does the average club player need such attention to detail?


Supplements are simple, cheap and effective for most everyone.

Are You Dehydrated and You Don't Even Know It?

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We have all heard the health experts bleat on about how little water we drink. Frankly, it’s gotten a little boring: Another stick for the heath-conscious crowd to beat normal, busy people with.

Except, just for a moment, look past the holier-than-thou attitude of personal trainers and nutritionists. Ignore the perfect teeth, hair and body. It turns out that there is some scientific proof behind the mantras.

Match-Winning Cricket Teas

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We need the right food to fuel our bodies. Despite working hard in nets, spending time with a coach and hitting the gym your improvements will stall if you overlook what you eat.
Ask yourself this question, what food do you normally eat during the tea break?
Sausage rolls, pies, scones, biscuits, chips, crisps, cakes, chocolate?
Eating these foods in the middle of a game will adversely affect your performance. This is because such foods release energy too quickly, converting to fat and causing your blood sugar to crash.

3 Things Mr Strong can teach you about cricket

“Mr Strong is the strongest person in the whole wide world.” - Roger Hargreaves

I’m not sure if children’s character Mr Strong ever played cricket, but if he did I’m betting he would be rather good at it.

Anyone who can throw a cannonball as far as you or I could throw a tennis ball has to be a useful bowler and fielder.

The Formula 1 guide to cricket match day preparation (part 1)

Picture in your mind a Ferrari Formula 1 car: Strikingly red, super sleek and powerful.

When the Ferrari team arrive at a track for a race the car is ready to do its job of going round a track at breakneck speed. 90% of the work is done far away from race day.

Eat right and get the winning edge on the cricket pitch

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This is a guest article on nutrition from supplement company Maxinutrition

Whistling down the mine: How to improve your bowling by going back to the old days

It used to be said that if Yorkshire (and England) needed a fast bowler they just whistled down the nearest mine.

These men seemed carved from granite. They bowled a thousand overs a season on nothing but a warm beer and a bag of chips at the close of play. They only ever got injured if they broke their knuckles on someone's jaw.