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7 Tips on being a good fielder

Club cricket fielding can often be poor. But on many occasions this is less to do with skill and technique and more to do with concentration and awareness. Two factors that any fielder can improve. Here is how to do it.

  1. Don't move. Every side has a couple of players who like to wander from where the captain puts them. Make sure you are not one of them. When the captain puts you somewhere make a mark on the ground and stick to it until you are moved again.
  2. Show confidence. Looking confident in the field can save many runs. Not everyone is like Paul Collingwood at cover point, but it's easy to look like you are. My dad, by his own admission never the finest fielder, often based his entire game on looking dangerous by walking in aggressively and leaping on defensive pushes as if to stop a single that was never considered.
  3. Shy at the stumps. Club players seem terrified of the dreaded overthrows and often refrain from throwing at the stumps. In a good side, someone will always be backing upso the risk is low. Make the culture in your side one of throwing the stumps down whenever there is a chance.
  4. Back up. Leading on from that, always be aware of the need to back up a throw, even if you are backing up the backer up. If you are doing it for your team they you can be more confident they will do it for you.
  5. Want to get every ball. You can see the club players who don't want the ball to come to them. It always seems they are the ones doing the most chasing. If you want and expecting every ball the game is more interesting and you are more likely to take the catch or make the stop.
  6. Be close enough. If you are close catching make sure the ball will carry to you. If you are saving one then get as close as you can to stop the quick single. If you are on the boundary your job is to save fours so stay as deep as possible without giving away two runs if you can.
  7. Know yourself. If you have a setback in the field, be aware of how you will react to it. Some people steel themselves, others want to go and hide. You may want to move to another position or stay where you are. Whatever your reaction, let the captain know.


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sir i m 14 yrs old and i am left handed batsman and right handed fast bowler.i can bowl upto the speed of 115 kmph.what should i do so that i may become good cricketer and play for my country india.pls give me some tips on my facebook account addi.sjp@gmail.com
thank u sir

You should concentrate on game and keep doing practise surely you can be next generation player...

sir i am 12 years old.i am a good pace bowler an can ball quite fast but i want to be a good batsman and fielder as well.i am a person who want to make cricket my passion.i request you to please give me some tips in my gmail account sunaync@gmail.com

sir i am 18 yaers old,i am a good pace bowler,i can inwsing and out swing with very accuratly
but i feel prblam in my running before dilever the ball ,how can i improve it and how can i improve my field please sir give some usefull tips on my gmail account(waseemabid76@gmail.com

Sir i m a right handed batsman and also the right arm medium fast baller.i m 15 yrs old .Sir evry on tells me that i m a talented cricketer and i also feel so but my problem is that if i failed in one or two matches i feel so loose confidence .Usk bad mai batting karne se darne lagta hun aur usk bad lagtar jaldi out hone lagta hun aur to aur agar maine field me by chance ek catch chor diya aur mujhe koi keh deta hai to mai usk bad easy catch bhi chorne lagta hun aur bahut hi poor khelne lagta hun aisa kyun hota mere sath jabki mujhe sabhi kahte hai ki mujhme bahut talent hai bus use use karne nhi ata hai sir aia kya karun ki ek match me kharab khelne ya catch chutne per bhi mera confidence loose na ho aur jab bhi mere sath aise hota hai to mai rat bhar so nhi pata so u pls help me bcze mera dream India k liye khelna hai aur mai isk alawa kuch soch bhi nhi skta plz sir ap mujhe is id per reply kariyega kyunki apk liye ye ek smll matter hoga but mere liye bahut hi badi matter hai my id-sinhaiabhay683@.gmail.com

Sir, i am 15 years old . My fielding is very bad in match please say how i field well in match.

sir i am 14years old and i am a fastbowler and my speed about 120kmh so how can i increase my speed