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The role of the aerobic base in cricket

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It's often assumed that because of the long lasting nature of cricket, you need to run long distances to prepare your body. This is often called the 'aerobic base'

But if you study what a cricketer actually does on the field during a match you soon find out this aerobic base is totally irrelevant to game performance.

How much time to you spend jogging constantly at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate during a game? I'll wager virtually none. Most of the time you spend standing still or walking slowly, the rest of the time running hard or sprinting.

That means that rather than needing an aerobic base, you need a work capacity base: the ability to work hard and recover multiple times over a long period.

Jogging for half an hour is simply not cricket specific enough.

So instead of working on your aerobic base, start building your work capacity with interval training and circuit training.

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