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Are you beginner, intermediate or advanced?

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I'd like to get a better idea of what level you are at when it comes to playing cricket and understanding cricket fitness, nutrition and psychology.

beginnerI'd like to do more posts you can use, and for me to do that I need to understand who I am talking to better. Especially if you read harrowdrive regularly already (and if not, you can subscribe, it's free and almost as much fun as playing a last over nail biter).

So, on that note, please leave a comment and let me know:

  1. How much cricket have you played and what level?
  2. How much captaincy experience have you had?
  3. How much knowledge do you have about nutrition, fitness and psychology?
  4. What areas would you like to know more about?
  5. Do you count yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced cricketer?

If you are a coach and no longer play thats OK too, just tell me about your players.

Myself, I have played club cricket all my life. Mainly 2nd and 3rd team level although I have played a handful of 1st team matches as wicketkeeper. I have captained a couple of teams with a fair amount of success and have been lucky enough to play under some great captains. As I have a sports degree, coaching awards and read a lot about the science of the game I like to think I have raised my standard by learning as much as I can and putting it into practice. I'd say I was an advanced intermediate but I'm learning more every day, mainly through this blog.

But I'm more interested in you.

The more you put in the comments section about yourself, the more I can aim future posts exactly to what you need. Then we both win.

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Hi David,

Here are my answers.

1. I have played cricket for 6 years with 2 seasons off due to injury and getting back into it this season (Aus)

2. Extremely limited captaincy experience if any

3. I have a fair amount of information on nutrition and fitness which I should turn into knowledge Smiling but not much on psychology

4. I would be interested in hearing more about motivation, injury prevention, batting and bowling drills that you can do on your own etc

5. I see myself as an intermediate cricketer although as it is my first season back after a lengthy spell I'm looking more like a beginner Smiling

Hope that helps mate.

Great stuff Danny, where did you learn about the fitness side of things? Are you formally trained or have you picked stuff up yourself?

hi this is nice article. carry on. i am sure you will get success.

Would you like to let me know your own level of experience Kamrul?

1. I have played quite alot of cricket
2. I have had no captaincy experience
3. I dont no much about nutrition and psychology, however i do know quite alot about fitness
4. I think i am a intermediate/Advanced cricketer

I would like to hear how to bowl really fast?

I can help with that for sure. Where did you find out about fitness?

I learnt about fitness through pretty much this website, reading the articles, asking questions to you and Liz on the forum and just research over the net. I've always had a team coach but never a specialised coach. I attended the Bradman academy for a 5 day program back in my junior days but that's about as formal as I have had. I'm very much the type of cricketer who likes to pick up things themselves and work by myself on my strengths and weaknesses.

Thats great to hear, I'd love to get an article from you about what you have picked up. Maybe the "top 5 things I have learned about cricket fitness?". It's great to get many viewpoints!

Hi David,
I have learnt about fitness through your website and by asking questions on your forum. I have also gone through a number of websites. I've had a team coach all through junior cricket and was given the chance to go to the Bradman academy for a 5 day program given to me by my club and that's probably the most formal training I have had.

Ha ha woops. The website wasn't updating. Ok I'll try and write an article when I've got some time.
Cheers again

great stuff, it doesn't have to be a work of art, just give me a quick list and I'll fill it out.

I'm just fascinated by what you feel works.

im 17 yrs old been playing cricket since i was 12, started playing under13s cricket then the following season started playing mens cricket in the bottom division of the notts league
now playing for kegworth town, a fringe player occasionally called up to the 1st XI (division 1 of leics league) but mainly playing in the 2nd XI (division 4)
i see myself as an advanced cricketer last year i kept wicket and opened the batting averaged 44+ but this year i see myself as a batting allrounder but struggling to get a bowl.

id like to think am advance, am playing for the seconds on saturdays and averaging 40 this season, iv captained my school team, id like to know more about how just consistenly score runs like i am at the moment.

Am ex national Irish men/women coach currently working with a top Dublin club and acting as a coach tutor for the Irish Criccket Union.
Like your site and use many clips for lectuures and practice.
I think your range of subjects very good.
Personally I would like to see articles on team training and motivation.
Keep up the good work.
John Wills

hi david,
i am a guy back from india i used to play cricket for my school but due to my degree of engineering i had to drop cricket. i have a lot of captain experience, i am a right handed batsmen and a medium fast right handed bowler, i have been also played as
wicket keeper and as skipper, i need help to improve
and become a fast bowler and do i need all information for playing in clubs for this i am ready to do anything and go through any circumstance

looking forward for your reply i would be very thankful to you if you help me through..

Hi im 18. I enjoy reading all your articles. I play 1st and 2nd team cricket for my club in the 1st division (Kent), I used to play county from the ages 10 to 16. Im looking to move up in the cricketing world again! I have an ECB level 1 coaching qualification.
I've had alot of very successful captaincy experience. There is so much more for me to learn though.
I don't think i know as much about nutrition as i probably should. I think I would bennefit hugely if I had a greater deal of respect and a better understanding of psychology.
I'm a batsman (and off spinner). I need to improve on how I approach situations, and also how to remain composed in difficult and tight situations.
I think I see myself as advanced but there really is alot I could do better.
I think I settle for less alot of the time. I need to aim higher.

Hey David,
I have been reading ur articles for about 2 months now.
Have been playing for about 8 yrs at club level in Mumbai, India.
Going to soon become captain of the side but do not have much experience in captaincy.
Would like to read more about captaincy tips,
Keep up the good work .

Hi David,

Following are the feedback for your further reference:
How much cricket have you played and what level?
Playing Club Cricket at 2nd & 3rd level.
How much captaincy experience have you had?
Has less captaincy experience.
How much knowledge do you have about nutrition, fitness and psychology?
Fair knowledge abt it.
What areas would you like to know more about?
Fitness of body and mind.
Do you count yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced cricketer?


Virender, I'll do my best! Keep giving your feedback.

Kazim, you play in Mumbai? I expect that is very different from the rain sodden UK.

David, good luck with your ambitions. I would love to hear how you are doing.

joban, I wish you all the luck in the world. let me know if I can help.

John, it sounds like you have coached at a high level. We must chat sometime about that.

michael, i think a lot of people would like to know how to do that! maybe thats a good idea for a post though.

Josh, how advanced would you say you are when it comes to stuff like fitness and nutrition?

I have played about 40 seasons of competitive cricket all but 4 in australia not particularly at a high level, I still play park cricket here in sydney and in the sydney masters comp. on sundays.I have been coaching for about 6 years.I guess that makes me an advanced cricket person although I sometimes think it has been one year 40 times.

When I stared coaching I thought the key was knowing the techniques of the game...I have found out that that is not is the key to being a good coach...I am trying to improve my coaching.The reason I found this site is that I am doing a level 2 general principles of coaching course.

Hey. i have just started playing cricket again after a 3 year gap from my last team i played for. im a medium pace bowler who can swing the ball sometimes, just started playing for a local village team and looking to get a bit more pace on my bowling with more accuracy, and also trying to get better at batting. Im not really a batsmen, im a typical bowler, i bat at number 11.

I am 24 and I play for a 1st team in an ECB Premier League.

I have played minor counties and captained and played for junior representative sides including Durham Uni 2's.

I have only just recently found your site and have started to implement many of your fitness and nutrition into my training.

I am an opening batsman and I have played a high level for some time so do not really use the technique aspects of your site.

I have always been aware of the importance of fitness and nutrition through high level coaches when I was younger but to be honest I am only starting to put much of it into practice myself and I have started to see the results.

I aim to train in the gym during lunch times 3-4 times a week/club training 2 a week and cricket matches every saturday( some sundays).

I think for me the most benefit I could gain is more specific gym work (ie. 40 minute workout plans)for my lunchtimes. Especially in terms of improving speed/throwing/power.

Keep up the excellent work!

Hi David,

I have played cricket in some form or the other (school, college etc) for most of my life. I have started playing Club Cricket in Division 2 (Level 2 I guess) in the USA for the last 3 years.

I have captained my team on the Division 3 level and have been successful (made a few finals but could never close the door on the win). At the Division 2 level I play under a very knowledgable and shrewd captain who is a true student of the game and who I follow around and get information from like a sponge. He has already offered me a chance to lead the side a couiple of times but I just don't feel I'm ready yet and want to learn a bit more. Hopefully it will pay off some day and I can follow in his footsteps and lead my current Division 2 team.

I don't have much information about nutrition. I do know some about fitness mainly because of a strick workout regimen of strength and conditioning that I try to follow throughout the year and also by talking to sports physical therapists during a period when I was having trouble with my knees. I don't know a lot about the psychological aspect of the game except I'm always looking to gain an edge in that aspect by using techniques I read about.

I consider myself an intermediate cricketer.

I like to read about ways to become more shrewd and more tactical when I'm out on the field, whether it be related to captaincy, batting etc. Ways to make quick decision, ways to process information quickly to make the best decision whether it be a field change or a quick word to the bowler or a nice little comment to disrupt an opposing batsman/bowler.

My self playing cricket from age of 14 years and represented age groups of under 19,21,23,25, seniors of district of our state cricket association which is afiliated to the Board of Cricket control India. Ar present my age 34 years
my ambition is to represent to my state senior and indian teams. i am not willing to give up my career in cricket as i played lot cricket, especially i am opening blower with good out swing bowler. I am possessing good physique with 6.1 inches height good athletic body.daily i am having daily conditioning, fitness weekly fitness shcedule, which i am working in college as a systems enigneer in reputed college and i am giving coaching to young players of our colleges, which i am coach for Seconday education and Graduation and post graduation colleges and also schools.

I am not willing to give up my game as it is my life career as i would daily having practice sessions in my college where i am working.
At present i am representing my senior district teams and also playing league cricket for well known club named VIZAG BLUES in our andhra cricket association which is affiliated to the BCCI.
Kindly give me tips to make me to represent my district and state and national teams as selection process is to be started within couple of days for my district cricket association.
Give me tips regarding speedly gear up my fitness level and bowling and also in batting.

top 5 things I have learned about cricket fitness:

1. Specificity - The main idea here is that you have to train your body as close to game fitness as possible. I.e. Don't go for a marathon run as it's not similar to anything you would do in the game.

2. Progression - If you want to build strength then using light weights and never increasing weight is pointless unless you want to be a marathon man or woman Smiling

3. Off-season and Pre-season fitness is extremely important - I learnt this the hard way. As I've had injuries my pre-season training has suffered and consequently my performance so my advice would be to take this seriously.

4. Fitness improvements go hand in hand with good nutrition - Eating the right foods is probably the most important thing you can do to improve fitness.

5. Gradually work your way into things - Whether it's fitness or nutrition I think gradually changing your habits is the best thing to do. I've tried both ways (complete overhaul vs gradual overhaul) and I must say the gradual wins hands down. I've been trying to change my nutrition for the better and have found that gradual progression is the best way to go. I'm still trying to tweak my nutrition as we speak. In regards to fitness, it's the same principle. Going to the gym and lifting the heaviest weights you can will definately leave you sore and possibly injured and make you not want to return.

Hope this helps David. Bit of a rush job but it's the best I could come up with in the time I have. Thanks for all the hard work.

Danny, watch this space!

Vijaya, I don't think you can do much to improve your fitness in a few days. A few weeks or months is a more realistic aim. All you can do now is learn how to relax and play your best during trials.Take a look in the psychology section for tips.

Mansoor, I like the idea of a post on how to think fast...

Adam, It's good to know that players at a high level can get advice too. I wonder if any first class players have got tips from harrowdrive?

Stuart, great to see you back in whites. How is your season going?

Jaco, I'd say 40 seasons is pretty experienced! What's the most important thing you have learned?

nd was captained by Jon Hardy (ex Hampshire) and also played alongside the likes of Tim Boon, Collis King and Rod Mc Cudy. At 16 captained this club and the respective age group teams I represented. I have been coaching for the past 8 years and have been involved at a 1st class level for the past 4 years now. I am basically looking for , batting fielding and bowling drills for senior cricketers.

yashin, what involvement do you have at first class level?

the most important thing I have learnt...

apart from the 5 bob I spent on my 1947 MCC coaching book, the 5 quid I spent on joining the harrowdrive forum is the best value I have got for my cricketing $.

good luck is when hard work meets opportunity

let a thousand flowers bloom

never trust anyone from south of the trent.

Jacko, thanks for the mention of the forum, I wish more people could see the opportunity in it Eye-wink

i consider myself as an advanced intermediate cricketer..i need to know more about the mental side of the are doing a wonderful job with ur site plz keep up the good work!

Naveen, thanks for the praise. I'll do my best. What makes you advanced if you don't mind me asking?

Total beginner having started at the age of 46 last summer. Tried forming own cricket team with a bunch of blokes at work who hadn't played in 20 years or so, did that with some degree of success but all the teams we challenged brought in ringers and smashed us all over the park not wanting to be beat by a team that had only been formed for 6 months. Good fun though!
Joined local team now and play for Sunday 2nd and 3rd teams which I'm loving.

Obsessive Leg Spin bowler to the point I may have over-done the practice and caused some shoulder damage, currently trying to rest it and see what happens - looks promising, but if anyone rings and says 'Dave do you wanna have a practice' I'm there!

I know a little about food nurtition and read Davids exercise info and take some of that on board.

Need to know more about batting - primarily fast bowlers as I'm so bad at it.

Want to know anything about Leg Spin bowling. Currently puzzled about the length you should bowl and how high to pitch it - anyone got ideas and tactics? Seems to me that if you go for height it's going to be at the expense of speed?

hi david,
this is lalchand from india . i am 19 year old .
i have played cricket for my college infact i am caption of my college . i live in mumbai.conside me as an beginner in cricket because i don't have much playing with season ball. so kindly pls. help me so that i can lift my game.
lalchand yadav

yes. i am an medium fast bowler my speed is around 125km -135km. i want to increase is to sir can you pls. tell me how can i achive it.

lalchand use the search box at the bottom of the page for answers. I have a few posts on bolwing faster.

Hi david this is vamsee from india.iam a 16 year old.i wanna know how to come out of a bad patch.i also would like you to send some entries about left arm spin.

i m a intermediate cricketer playing for a club & college.i m medium fast bowler bowling at a speed of around 125 km/hr. & want to increase could u help me in increasing the speed.also give me some helpful bowling tips

ankur, what have you tried to increase your pace?

Are You Sure ?

I hope so

I play cricket at school i play school tournaments and i am in 10th grade. I am currently located in St.Lucia. And the thing is i am 15 already and there is hardly any coaching programmes out there in St.Lucia. I just want some ways i could help with my batting and fielding by myself maybe some ways to practice.
I really want to make it to the saint Lucia side and even further and i always say when i hit my first 50 i will hit my first 100. please help me out here your help would be appreciated greatly.

Its wonderful, Sweet!

Good luck Aaron. The best practice you can do on your own is to get fit through strenght and conditioning. Then try and play as much as you can and get picked up by a scout.

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