Ask the Readers: Help Jack Improve his Bowling Action | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Ask the Readers: Help Jack Improve his Bowling Action

Can you help a young spin bowler to improve?

Recently we were contacted by Jack who said:

"This season I've returned to leg spin. Occasionally I get criticised by our captain as I'm not "finishing off my action". I know that when I do, I get drift and dip, and take wickets. Could you have a quick look at my action in the attached video and see if you have any thoughts?"

This question was interesting to me because Jack didn't point out any problems he is having. Only a vague awareness that something might be wrong.

So I thought this would be an excellent challenge for the PitchVision community to discuss.

What can Jack do to improve his action?

Leave a comment and lets us know what you think.

To help you, here is the video Jack sent in:

So, leave a comment, and get discussing this action. What do you think he can do?

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Hi Jack

Menno here, spin bowling coach on PV.

Thanks for the video.

It's obviously difficult to tell exactely what is wrong as one video clip is a bit short. There can be so many issues at play - and with young spin bowlers like yourself I find it is mostly the mental part of the game that is causing them to struggle.

But, with a video we only have the mechanics to look at it. Now something I pick up right away is how flat footed you are on your landing foot. Especially in that first delivery. Just no pivot at all.

The problem with this is not so much that you do not get height (that is a bit overrated in my opinion as you get great short spin bowlers), but it is the fact that you are not grinding your body against the pivoting foothold.

So, the energy is lacking in the rotation of the body. When that happens you do not get many revolutions on the ball, and that means no drift.

Make that front foot stride just a tad shorter to give you the ability to pivot. A really big stride makes it a bit tough. And yours does seem a little long.

Now, this might not solve your issue, but it is worth your while to at least rule this out as the problem.

Hi Menno,

Thanks very much for the quick response! I have signed up to the spin bowling course and seen the "pivot" drill of bowling from a standing start - I'll give that a go today.

Otherwise, I feel it's very much a state of mind thing for me. Some days I'll turn up confident, and feeling that I'm going to take wickets (obviously key for a leg-spinner), whereas others I'll know from ball 1 that it's not happening. Maybe if I can get the pivot working with a few drills, that'll give me a bit of a boost!

Thanks again,


No worries Jack.

I say let's rule out one thing at a time. Try getting the pivot going with a slightly shorter stride and then re-assess again.

And yes, the mental side is the biggest issue for young spinners - not so much the mechanical side of things.

Come post back here with your progress.


Hi Jack
Just two things I noticed and the first one is that is that your left foot isn't pointing in the right direction when it lands. Your left foot should be pointing towards fine leg or else you won't be able to pivot enough. And secondly you shouldn't spin the ball from hand to hand while in your run up, you can do that before or after you bowl but not while starting to build momentum. Before the delivery you should have your grip set and ready and you should be thinking what delivery to bowl, where you want to bowl it, what shot you want the batsman to play, and then just concentrate on ripping the ball and landing it on that spot.
Good luck

"This question was interesting to me because Jack didn't point out any problems he is having. Only a vague awareness that something might be wrong."

Ah, now to my mind this is a trick question. A good coach waits to find out what the problem is before trying to solve it. Just giving a load of generic advice often just confuses the player and does more harm than good.

Today me and my cousin filmed our bowling actions. We are both leg spin bowlers but as a variation we use off spinners as well. We didn't have enough time to add our leg spin bowling actions to the video but we were hoping that you could help us with our off spin bowling actions, (just tell us what we are doing right or wrong) how can I send you the video? Haven't uploaded it on youtube yet.

Hi Jack,
You're front arm could be used slightly more having a full rotation, having such a short one might make you drag it down. Also you always finish side on and you should finish front on for caught and bowled chances and also the practice of the extra movement into the front on position will generate more momentum for you therefore 'finishing your action' better.

It was nice

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