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Cricket Show S8 Episode 19: Born Ready

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David Hinchliffe chats with Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery about cricket at school, club, academy (and sometimes professional) level. This week there are chats about "wasting talent", dealing with fear of failure and choosing the right University to play cricket.

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Join PitchVision Director of Coaching, David Hinchliffe, this Thursday as he chats with you and answers your coaching questions, live!

Discuss: What Technology Do You Have to Help Your Cricket?

What technology do you use to help your cricket? Let's open up a discussion today, because I'm interested in hearing about the PitchVision reader's experience.

So leave a comment and let me know. Do you keep your phone around when you train? Do you put all screens aside when it's cricket time? Do you keep spreadsheets on your laptop? Are you a tablet user, and how do you use it?

Ask the Readers: What's Your Goal for This Year?

Welcome to the new year, and a renewed ambition to achieve your goals. So today I want to know, what is your goal for 2015?

I'm asking because I want to know more about the readers of PitchVision Academy. I already know there is an unending passion for becoming a cricketer, fast bowling and drills, now I want to know how you are using the advice provided here.

Click here to complete the survey (should take you less than 1 minute)

Ask the Readers: What's Your Perfect Cricket Game?

If you could choose any format for your cricket, what would it be? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

One of the great things, and one of the frustrating things, about our game is flexibility. The professionals play up to five days. Even at lower levels we can easily play two day, limited over and Twenty20.

We all have our preferences for playing, coaching and watching formats, but today I want to know something different. I want to know what structure is best for your level as a coach or player. So, leave a comment and reveal your thinking.

Ask the Readers: How do you Train?

Have you got 3 minutes to complete this simple survey for me?

Click here to complete it now.

I want to get a better idea of how you train for cricket. As PitchVision Academy Editor, the better I know you, the better I can tailor the articles, video and podcasts we provide to your exact needs.

Plus, who doesn't like talking about themselves?

So take a moment (it will be less that 180 seconds) and fill in the multiple choice, anonymous survey here.

The survey is around how much cricket-specific training you do, and what equipment you use to help yourself. That's it: No personal data and no right or wrong answers. Just a snapshot of your training at this time of year.

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Ask the Readers: What Are You Working On?

We all know the benefits of purposeful practice, for players and for cricket coaches at every level. If you have no purpose, you have no reason to be at practice.

But that is easy to forget sometimes, especially when a net is running itself and everyone is getting a go. Things drift quickly. I want to prevent that so I want to know:

What are you working on right now?

Leave a comment in the comments box and let me know.

Ask the Readers: Help Khalique to Bowl Faster

Khalique dropped me an email recently for some advice on his bowling. I thought you might be able to give him some tips. Leave a comment and let us know.

"I am struggling with my pace: I had good pace with natural in swing but now during the last 3 years it has all gone. I am 6.3" tall and 68kg in weight. kindly help me to get my pace back and bowl like a fast bowler."

We have spoken a lot about bowling fast, from the action to fitness to mental approach. So I thought it was time to see if you can add to the suggestion pile, and also help Khalique reach the goal that many site readers also desire: searing, destructive pace.

Ask Your Cricket Questions (And Win A Prize)

What problems are you having with your cricket at the moment?

I'm keen to find out because, as you know, PitchVision Academy thrives on helping you with relevant cricketing advice. Be it questions on the Cricket Show answered by Mark Garaway, video courses from top names, or detailed articles.

Ask the Readers: Swing Bowling Against a Breeze?

Phil sent in a question and, frankly, it's one I thought the PitchVision readers would be able to help.

Here it is:

"Having played league cricket 26 years and taken a wicket or two, I have now moved city. The ground where I now play is very open and there is a strong breeze blowing from left to right. As an away swing bowler I have quickly accepted that I cannot swing it away to a right-hander when the wind is blowing across. Is this incorrect of me? Of course, I would assume a high class swing bowler would have no trouble but I am unsure whether it is possible or not"

So, what do you think?