Ask the Readers: What's Your Goal for This Year? | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Ask the Readers: What's Your Goal for This Year?

Welcome to the new year, and a renewed ambition to achieve your goals. So today I want to know, what is your goal for 2015?

I'm asking because I want to know more about the readers of PitchVision Academy. I already know there is an unending passion for becoming a cricketer, fast bowling and drills, now I want to know how you are using the advice provided here.

Click here to complete the survey (should take you less than 1 minute)

It's anonymous, but it will help me to understand more about what you want in the coming months on PitchVision Academy.

If you want to leave more than the survery allows, you can also add a comment at the bottom of this article.

Whatever your ambition, make it real this year with the help of PitchVision Academy!

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Mildly amused that "score more runs" was an option, but "take more wickets" wasn't.

The reason for that is the terms are to most searched for on PVA. It seems readers want to score runs and bowl fast.


If u could plz take some of your precious time.

Plz tell me how to build confidence as a batsman and not be feared of failure as a batsman especially against fast bowling and not be scared of it.In other words tell me how to mentally tough and become a professional cricketer.Plz, my request.