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Batting is Like a Good Night Out

Too many of us are guilty of the big Friday night out ahead of Saturday’s game; even professional players play the ‘rain card’,  trying to decide if it will rain the next day in order to justify a night out in town.

But how is this for a justification for your ill behaviour: Going out is research because batting is just like a big night out on the town.

The first pint, the first ball

First you arrive at the first pub. Everyone is just getting into the swing of things and the first pint doesn’t go down as well as the rest.  You start with the safe drinks and sway away from the risky spirits.

You are getting your eye in, you know things will be tough to start with and your conscious decision to start safely will be rewarded. 

Stick to what you know and can handle. Avoid the high risk shots (at the bar it’s Sambuca, at the crease it’s your reverse sweep).  You know you can start to enjoy it once you get through this tricky period.

Time passes.

Getting into the swing

Now you are in full swing and you’re enjoying yourself.  You know to avoid going too hard too quickly and burn out.

So don’t throw it away when you’re just beginning to make progress.

But disaster looms.

Before long you’ve drunk too much and you need to switch to water in order to keep the night going.

It’s proven that dehydration reduces concentration. That may be fine on a night out, but when playing cricket you need to be on your game.

 Use regular drinks breaks as good recharge your body and mind as you have already done most of the hard work.  Be wary of switching off completely, use the drinks break to purely take in liquids only and do not see it as a rest break.

Kebab and bed

Finally, the night is over and you trundle off to the local kebab shop.  Refuelling will make you feel better in the morning

While a kebab is not the best choice for a cricket tea, Refuelling is still important after your innings, especially if you batted first and need to take the field after tea.

Resist the temptation of heavy foods and sugar rushes, as these will only cause you to crash and burn minutes later.  See the food you eat more as fuel rather than a treat, your body has worked hard and will still have to perform again soon.

So, next time you turn up to your match dishevelled and hung over you can show your captain this article. He will probably drop you for your misdemeanours but at least you tried. 

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at 4ths level, every team has a contingent of those who are hung over, which is why i claim muslims perform better in matches, as none of them are EVER hung over.

I suppose at more recreational levels that is an important factor!

Sums up everything that is wrong with the culture in Britain. Love this website, but not impressed with this article.

in the interest of being thorough i am going to test this theory by having abit of a session tonight! obviously only with the intent of improving my cricket

sir i am from india i want to know that when ever I bat i bat with cross bat ,,, sir can you help me with this problem,,,,,,i want to know how i can bat straight every short........

Hi, I am from india, Pondicherry now living in uk, i was trained by a very nice coach but he was unnoticed. If u like to play straight you have to change your grip. According to me i strongly belive your grip is the key to play straight and the variety of shorts it allows you to play. If u r grip is right u can play 360`. So Check your bottom hand grip first and then correct your top hand. I am not able to explaing in theory much more things.


Hi, I am also from India Smiling

Yeah, Madhavan is spot on there. The bottom hand is the key. If you clutch the bat handle like an axe you are likely to play cross batted shots more. Visualise how you hold a pencil - hold the bat the same way with the bottom hand, offcourse the pencil pints down while the bat handle points up - and then the top hand can be tightly gripped on top. Having said this much abput the grip, when you face an actual delivery, while you lift the bat (backlift) the bottom of the bat should point to the wicket keeper rather than the slips. When you play in the V, the followthrough ahould be in the direction of the shot needless to say. All these cook a handsome straight shot.

Remember how Adam gichrist practiced with a golf ball between his botton hand glove and bat handle?

And finally, hang a cricket ball in an elastic thread and practice straight shots, with the above said grip. It helps you have a light source on your back side, so you can see your shadow playing graceful straight batted shots.


..And many thanks to David Hinchliffe for maintaining this extraordinary website for free!!!
Its like a bible for an amateur captain (I have a team of software engineers who play on weekends)

You might be asking yourself how to know if you got a excellent evening of rest. That's pretty easy to tell actually. If you can awaken in the early morning (without an alarm) and you feel alert and rejuvenated, you got a excellent evening of rest.Good Night Messages

I think that’s the key fact that every batsmen should keep in mind. Going out is research because batting is just like a big night out on the town. Anyways I liked reading this post. Thanks a lot for the contribution.
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