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Become a Cricketer: 5 Ways to Get Ignored and Overlooked

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Do you want to be a cricketer? Then read this all the way though.

It's time for some tough love.

We get many, many comments and emails every day from hopeful players. The passion is clear however, the methods used are guaranteed to mean that you will be overlooked and never make you dreams come true. There is a negative pattern that is increasing in volume. You want our help, we want to give it but we can't because you are setting yourself up to be ignored.

You are better than that.

So here are those pitfalls.


1. Ask for "one chance"

Before you send that email, pick up the phone or submit that comment, think for a moment. Asking the internet - even a highly specific part of the internet like PitchVision Academy - for a chance is useless. No one will reply. No one can reply.

Most comments we get here are far too vague. We don't know what chance you want, or where you want it. Most of all, we don't know why we should give you that chance. We don't know who you are and we have no first hand experience of your skills and achievements. At best your comment will just be another in the sea of similar comments. At worst, someone unkind will be sarcastic.

Get Attention Tip: Think about how much someone can help you, then ask a specific question.

2. Post your personal details on the internet

Nobody is going to call you up and ask for your address so we can send you a first-class contract, cab to the airport and plane ticket. Especially if the only thing you have asked for is "one chance". Posting personal information does nothing to add to your case as a cricketer. That means it's is a waste of your time.

Not only that, it's unsafe. We have had people post every last detail about themselves even down to passport number. Someone could steal your identity. Remember that forums can be read publicly. If you must leave a phone number, send it privately.

Get Attention Tip: Make contact directly via email with a specific question.

3. Make unproven claims about your ability

Every other bowler online can bowl at 160kph or rip leg breaks with perfect accuracy. Frankly, this is a lie. We know it's a lie because we get hard data from PitchVision systems. It's just not possible that there are so many amazing players lying undiscovered.

Be realistic. Unless you have had your speed clocked, it's very difficult to work it out yourself. You can judge your bowling speed, accuracy and skill by how your peers bat against you. Not by how fast it looks when you bowl a tennis ball. So don't make wild claims. Even if they were true (which they are not) then you can't prove it.

Get Attention Tip: Accurately describe your strengths and weaknesses. If you have access to video, post it for analysis.

4. Complain about how you have no control

I'll grant you that this is a tough one. There are circumstances where people are not given a fair go. But corrupt selection happens everywhere. Complaining about the problem won't stop it. However, runs and wickets are impossible to ignore forever. Perhaps you need to score 500 more runs than the person who's uncle is a regional selector. Then do it.

It's frustrating when you are treated unfairly, but you just have to handle it. There is little you can do to change it, so focus on the stuff you can do. Like score runs or take wickets.

Get Attention Tip: Focus on what you can do. There's always something.

5. Compare yourself to a highly successful international cricketer

"I have a similar action to Jadeja"

No. You don't.

Now there is nothing wrong with trying to emulate great players. This is a sensible method to learn the right and wrong way to play for yourself. However, comparing yourself to a top player does not make you more like a top player, it makes you pale in comparison.

If you are using a technical similarity to highlight something in a specific question then a comparison is fine. However, that never happens. Instead, we hear vague comparisons that help neither the question asker or the question askee.

If in doubt, simple do not compare yourself to any player. You are your own person with your own idiosyncrasies.

Get Attention Tip: If you are talking technique a picture or video paints a thousand words.

This may seem like an attack, but it's really a reality check.

The truth is that we want to help every cricketer who stops by at PitchVision Academy.

We share your passion. That's why we make the newsletter, have a huge podcast archive, have made videos from top players and even offer bookings with coaches in your area. But we can only do so much. The real person who can give you a chance is closer than you think; it's you.

Good luck, and if you need a hand on the way, we are right here. As always.

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Hello, I am an all-rounder and I want to know how to divide my time fro training activities,do you have any suggestions?

Nice article can u plz do an article on to set up a batsmen for a specific dismissal or how to setup a batsmen for a varierty and get him how to setup a batsmen for googly or a straighter one..

while fast bowling for many overs,one side of back starts can it be done,

Sir i play cricket well but my parent dont like cricket and they dont lik to give me more chance to play cricket..i wish to become a player in india..what wil i do?

I am from Darbhanga bihar i m 13 year cricketer i m all-rounder but i have more confidence about my batting their is no cricket academy in my town i want make my career in cricket but due to belonging from middle class family i also have to do my study give me some suggestions and idea plz and plz give me chance to show my game anywhere

hello i am a short heighted batsmen and i have problems against rising deliveries and balls outside off stump and also tell me how to play the cut shot correctly.Please help me to correct my technique sir.


Hi sir plz give a chance to play is my life without cricket i die.plz sir give a chance to play cricket in indian teem.plz 9859091094 plz sir coll my.

Sir my name is Ankush sharma
and I am 17 year old
sir I am fast bowler and batsman
sir please give me a one chance in cricket
sir my father is poor man
please help me
I like cricket
sir my mobile num.... 07023399612
sir please give me a one chance
I am live in rajsthan

Sir.from last one year I was trying Barnes ball.I think I may achieve it.
It comes from my palm facing batsman.swerve in & turn to off.
I want to show u bowling video.
Plz tell I'd where to send video for ur suggestion.

Aditya kulkarni.

sir I like cricket very much ..
I joint in your academy pls sir ...
I am all rounder

I want to give a trail , what should i do
can you tell me tell me where I can give a trail in Himachal or Punjab

sir , I am 17 years old,I am a fast bowler
who bowl 50 or 60 continuously

Hello sir, I am 16 years old.I am a good all rounder but i want to be world best bowler.I am ready to work hard 24 hrs.I am left arm faster bowler,but i am not able to find a good academy.I live in Bavla Ahmedabad.Plz suggest thank you.

Hey sir, i become so happy to hear that you are giving a chance to some player . i went too tell that i am 15 and half year old i am playing cricket from 5 year . i have the ability to play right side as well as left perfectly. i hitted a six on yorker so many time . i can also ball because i am a all rounder . i am a fast bowler and my average speed is 130 to 140 kph . i have so many combination to ball .now i am studying in 10 class and i am so if give me a chance to play with you

Give me a chance to prove myself.

Hii sir this is Vamsi from India in vishakapatnam I'm 20years old I'm best all rounder plzz give me once chance to prove it my talent in newzealand team i interested or my aim is became a captain of new Zealand cricket team my number is 9652324738 plzzzz sir cal me

I am always demoted for sports right from childhood though I was cricket player playing tournament in my hometown.I always use to take shoes in my bag and saying going to class and outside I use to play cricket.But now I am away from my hometown so I have decided to follow my dream of playing cricket whatever my family will think. I am very mad about playing cricket. I have ability to grasp things well.Also I am hard-worker enough that If you will tell me to only do exercise for continuous 2-3 months without touching bat or bowl if you say to give coaching after this months I am ready to do the same.And I give you the assurity that I won't let you down that your coaching toward me will never go in vain.Because I am sport person and I know how it feels if I don't give 100%.
I am right hand batsman and medium pace bowler with good delivery of yorker continuously.
Height 5.11.
Sir,just give me one chance, I will surely make it.

Iam not so good player but i want to be a good cricketer and to play for india

Sir I am a all-rounder Hu fast bowler aur fast batting sir mujhe ek khelane ka mauka Milne dijiye
Mera no.8546066434

Sir mera state Uttar Pradesh ke Varanasi district ka Hu plz give me a chance

sir i have lot of intrest in cricket i am 17 years old u send me message i will come any where any place i hope u send me message

sir i need to play cricket in india team but i am not a great batsman. i will bowl well, my family is a middle class family so i cannot join in a cricket academy .plz give me a chance to play cricket sir plz plz plzz

sir my no is 7667679185 plz call me to play sir my ambition ,my life , my spirit everything is cricket so plz sir

sir, i am from purnea (bihar). i am 16 year old, i can do fast bowling and much better bating but sir there is no cricket academy in my hometown. i want to play cricket for indian team, sir plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz guide me.

Hello.... I am.. Wk batsman.. I want to play cricket........ I am 18 year old.. So please give me.. Some.. Suggestions...... About what should i do...... To mke my career in cricket

Respected sir, I want to bcme a cricketer I m rite nw 22 yr old I m fast bolwer (with variation changes ) sir I will gv my 100% BT rite nw I m nt joing any academy I had learn my self I need one chance to prove my self I had completed my btech this sir nw I m free and I will gv my full effort on cricket

sir plz give me a chance i am a batsman sir and love to hit ball into boundrys plz sir my mob num is 9777833059 and 9078080563

sir , I am from Tirupathi , age 20 ( looking fit like virat ) I didn't join any academy till now but I have experienced a lot by playing cricket since 2001 i.e., from the age of 5

my friends are adviced me to go cricket , but my parents are afraid of thinking about my life

I can , I will give me a chance sir

hi sir. my name is Ravi from Karnataka. i am a good all rounder in cricket.i still now at 19. give me a chance to play cricket. i know well all about of cricket . please sir

Im prem n my native place is karnataka bangalore n im all rounder i want to play cricket so i work hard even night also im practicing but in club i dont have to pay its difficult to me to pay for food also but trust me ill play good im not waiting for chance but i hv that problem i wont care soo i practice at night and morning collage n eve work i hv no time soo my age is 18 i can i will my num 7899994253/8892691511

Mera mobile no 7383695340
I am from surat

i can't give comments only i show my performance so only give a chance to play

Hello there,
Is 22 too late to start a career in cricket?
if no then which academies can I join to be a fast bowler?

Yes, 22 is far to late to start a career. However, you may enjoy playing cricket with friends for fun.

hi am an all rounder i have strong capability please support me otherwise i would have to spend my whole life with other frustrating careers please contact me at 8427192497 or 9569992497

I have played cricket in my life in the age of 12but I not have join in cricket club and ian practicing at home every day atleast 1hour. And I am a good all rounder. How to becama cricketer in my 21years. Please reply me. Thank you

Sir I playing gallycricket very well my age is 25 can I join club ,

Sir I playing gallycricket very well my age is 25 can I join club ,

Sir I want to get admission in cricket academy I don't know what's the procedure sir please help me and tell me what I have to do.
I belong to sagar

Sir i am 19 year old right handed batsmen used to play cricket till class 10 now my passion for cricket has again lifted
I m a right handed technical type batsmen and can bat for longer times just need one chance to prove and rest is upto yourself thanks

Sir ,I want one chance for become a good cricketer ,sir I was played from last 6 years and I am a good bowler

Dear sir,
i am good player but some region i can't join any academy.
Please i want to do a trial lleg spin bowling

Cricketer banna chahta hu sir mera no. 9826705183 hain purri baat mobile pe bata dunga sir halat buri hain....

I want be cricketar. I am belongs a poor family. Can you help me. 9771205628

hi sir iam farook basha 24 years old no club team in my native so iam now at chennai i need how to join cricket acadamy

Hay sir i m vikram kumar i m 15 years old & i m from lakhimpur kheri distric actully sir i want to become a cricketer. i m a fantastic alrounder and my batting is very good but their is no any acedmey to daily practise and to select next level but sir i m playing for my local team plz sir give me some idea to select next level like under 14 ,15,19 and specifically to become a professional cricketer