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Bowling Drills: Make the Most of Your Bowling Spell

Wouldn't it be handy to know the exact natural spell of every bowler? As a captain, coach or even bowler, you will be able to use your best time, and rest when you know you are tiring. Every bowler - no matter how fit - has a natural spell length.


No one can hit a length on the first ball and then keep up pace and accuracy forever There is a lead in period, a time when you find your sweet spot. Eventually you will tire and tail off.

When you start to tire, accuracy goes a little, perhaps you lose the snap through your action. The captain asks "OK for one more?" and we all know every bowler on earth will say yes, despite knowing it's all over really.

These are dangerous overs to bowl because you are more likely to get your figures ruined than bowl a magic ball.

So, if you know your lead-in and cut-off points as a bowler, coach or captain you can avoid these pitfalls. Here's how.

Bowling Fatigue Drill

That's where this simple drill comes in.

Using a PitchVision system you can track your pace and accuracy over your spell and work out what you need to do to maximise your peak period.

The drill is simple;

  • Bowl a spell in nets off your full run up.
  • Track the pace and accuracy of every ball.

You can bowl with a batsman, or simply as a fitness test with noone at the other end.

Using the PitchVision reports that are built in to the system you can see how performance changes over a spell. You can view your bowling pace and accuracy over time and see where the trends show improvement from the start through to drop off at the end.

How to use bowling spell peak period

You can use the information to work out tactics and training.

Lets take an example of a bowler who takes 10 balls to find a rhythm, maintains pace and accuracy for four more overs and then begins to lose accuracy with the natural spell ending at eight overs.

This bowler now knows he needs to bowl at least 10 balls from his full run up during warm up/the innings break. The captain can be confident of four strong overs and also be happy to take the bowler off at the end of this spell unless he is bowling very well (and sometimes, even if he is bowling well as we know his fitness will show a decline).

However, the bowler's aim should be to increase this peak period so longer spells are possible at accuracy and pace.

So the bowler can go on a programme of conditioning, then retest a few weeks later. Over time with a well-designed plan anyone who does this will see peak bowling spell times improve, and along with it an increase in wickets.

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i want to be a good cricketer

i am 12 years old and a left are orthodox spin.I am a bowler who continously bowls on spot without any variation and change and in the think that batsman shall make a mistake.I am thrown for lot of runs in t-20 games.So please tell me how to work on this

When I Lean Forward for Front foot defence/drive....Everytime I lose my Balance & there's a Chance of a stumping.Can you please suggest some drill to improve my Balance....

Do you move into a solid address position before beginning the shot? A lot of people have a balance issue because they play the shot on the move.

Are you lunging too far forward? Are you leaning forward but not moving your feet sufficiently? its hard to tell the exact reason without seeing a video.

It's my batting Video link..Problem is regarding my Balance. How to improve my balance during batting.

Well, its hard to tell without twisting my neck, and I didn't watch the whole thing, but the only times you appeared to overbalance were when you misread the length, took too big a stride forward, and managed to york yourself.

Thats something you need to practice. If the ball is going to be a long half volley you need to take a shorter stride than if the ball is going to be a short half volley or good length ball.

@AB...Thanx for marking my mistake..It will help me a lot...Should I try some Trigger movements(Shuffling from Leg to middle stump) because I react on the ball very late...

i m 18 year old. i m a fast bowler, i have naturally long outswing. i want to increase my speed... would u like to give me some tips or exercise? plase i m wating for your answer

You know in all three formats variation is the key to keep alot off doubts in the batsman mind so keep changing the pace, pitch the in rough pitch the call up try this for long then you can get success good luck

I sort of agree, but there is also a place for consistency. Even in T20, 6 yorkers is pretty tough to hit. In longer formats there is a place for putting the ball on the spot and letting the swing/seam or spin/dip do the work of variety.

I rather my bowlers were hitting a length regularly than trying to bowl variations and getting it wrong (of course bot option is the best).

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