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Bringing your cricket fitness plans together

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Cricket is a game that needs you to be fast and strong. If you have been following my pre-season training programme you will have been building up to this workout.

This 'speed-strength' workout is the most cricket specific, and is best to do just before the season begins, with perhaps some carry over into the new season depending how you feel. As always, never begin any exercise programme without knowing and understanding your health history. If you are in any doubt that you can safely perform exercise, contact your doctor before starting.

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday: Cricket Skills and Interval Running

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: SAQ

Thursday: Strength Circuits

Friday: Off

Saturday: Cricket Skills and Interval Running

Sunday: Off

  • Always warm up, stretch and cool down.
  • You can add an extra interval running session if your fitness allows.
  • You may have more skills sessions in your week. If so, simply ensure you do one of the other workouts on the same day.

Strength Circuits

Although the circuit I have posted is aimed at fast bowlers, it can be used by any player with little or no adaptation.

  • Complete the entire circuit twice, each exercise at a time.
  • Work for 30s at each exercise station then rest for 30s
  • Complete all the exercises at a good pace, focusing on maintaining posture
  • Also consider a cricket skills circuit


Complete an SAQ workout balanced across all the 7 phases. For more on the basics of SAQ click here. For the SAQ book on Cricket click here.

More on cricket fitness soon, so subscribe for updates.

If you want a more comprehensive guide to reducing injury risk and increasing cricket specific fitness, check out county strength coach Rob Ahmun's guide on PitchVision Academy.



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The 30 second rest for the strength curcuit is that between each exercise or after you do the curcuit once?

In this case it's between each exercises, although I must admit that this workout is a tad out date now.

Ok then thanks david.

What would be a good weeks fitness plan for a 13 year old bowler during the off-season?

Like what would be good exercises (intervals,strength curcuits)

thanks david.

thanks for these i just noticed ur website and me and my dad just done them, feel shattered. doesn't seem alot but when your doing it your muscles just seem to get weaker and weaker.

Thanks Laughing out loud

Thanks so much. This really will help I'm sure of it.