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The Buvuma Run Out Drill

The guys at school have been working so hard over the past couple of weeks building up their throwing workloads and developing their capacity to create run out opportunities from different angles and positions.


You have seen the attacking and defensive pop up throws in the last couple of articles and to finish off the “going to ground” set we have “The Buvuma”.

Temba Buvuma performed an incredible bit of athleticism to narrowly run out David Warner back in 2016 and we have been inspired to create our own practice drill ever since.

I set up some crash mats and ask the kids to pick up the ball and then dive and throw in one motion. The results are naturally a bit scattergun to start with as they are battling with their momentum, their ability to establish dynamic stability in mid air and trying to focus on a target whilst flying isn’t easy. But over a pretty short amount of time, their competency improves and some sparky things begin to happen.

The key coaching points that I used were:

  • Attack the ball fast - the more momentum you have, the easier the dive.
  • Use your last step to launch you into the dive. Temba uses his right leg to create a split second of “hang time” which allows he sequencing of the throw to take place and most crucially gives him time to get visual fix on the target.
  • Getting even the smallest amount of visual fix on the target will help enormously.

Lastly, learn from your experiments. As you can see in the video, there were a few epic fails at the start of the 1st 20 minute session.

If you accept those failures are a key part of the learning process then you will consciously and sub-consciously use those experiences to build a better technical model which will impact upon the eventual outcome.

We played a couple of games to help fast track both Ned and Tom’s development. The scoring went like this:

Clean pick up 1 point Miss target but still hit the fielding net 2 points Direct hit on the target 5 points

Have 5 goes and see what the points are at the end. Internal competitive players can track their progress from session to session by comparing their scores.

Externally competitive people can simply look to beat their mates

The second game is nearest the Bull!

Just as in darts, nearest the bull wins. 1 throw each.

Last week we had 2 direct hits on the target but their is only one winner!

Here is some footage from the session.

Can you emulate Temba Buvuma and complete a “worldy” Run Out? Give it a go.

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