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Can the IPL Help you Become a Cricketer?

In the 2012 IPL, something quiet happened that may be the start of a revolution in cricket: A revolution that will see many aspiring youngsters become cricketers via a completely different route to the old ways.

S Thiyagarajan is not a household name. A second division club cricketer in Chennai who never played first-class cricket.

He also won an IPL contract for Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2012 via trials.

The interesting part was that, according to this interview, he had no desire to play first-class. He wanted to make a career out of his Twenty20 skills, and so changed from 3-day to 50 over club cricket.

Neither is he the first to avoid the traditional route. David Warner played for Australia's Twenty20 team before he had a first-class game for New South Wales.

Others have switched from first-class cricket becoming Twenty20 tournament journeymen, and having a very good career from it: Dirk Nannes, Chris Gayle and Lasith Malinga all pop-up in world tournaments regularly. Kevin Pietersen tried to balance Tests and IPL but didn't quite find a way through.

These are early examples of the new way, but it's now clear that if you become a Twenty20 specialist you can become a professional cricketer. If you have the passion and desire you would be foolish to not consider the Twenty20 option.

In fact, it might just be your best route into the game.

What about fun?

What about those players with more modest ambitions though?

The guys who know they will never pull on a jersey for a Twenty20 franchise, but just want to enjoy playing to the best of their skills in the club game?

There is still a case for Twenty20 specialisation.

Think about it, the format takes much less of a demand on your time which is perfect for the good recreational player. If you play in a city you have a good chance of making it through to a regional or national tournament. In England the Twenty20 Club Cup Final is televised.

You can't argue that skills or standards are lower in the format.

Plus the more dynamic format is more physically demanding meaning it's better for general fitness.

The challenges are different of course.

You need to be able to hit sixes rather than carefully construct an 2 hour plus innings.

You need to bowl yorkers and dot balls rather than master the art of swing (although sometimes you will need that too)

You can't be one of those guys who only bats or bowls and grazes at fine leg to mid on. You need to be a specialist in at least two of the three disciplines. That means having a specialist fielding position.

There is still plenty to aim for whatever your aim.

SO if you do go down the Twenty20 route to success, enjoyment and IPL rewards, you will need a bit of guidance.

Here are a few online coaching courses to help you on your road:

What's your view: Is T20 a viable option?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think from your perspective in the game.

Is playing and coaching Twenty20 exclusively something you would like to see, or is it the death of proper cricket?

If you think it's a good idea, how will that change players preparation?

Head over to the comments box to chat more about it.

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The higher up the standard you go, the more specialised the skill sets. At club level the skills required to chase down or defend 150 in a T20 game are really not that different to chasing down or defending 250 in a 40 over game. You do the same things but just turn up the aggression by 20%.

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