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How to Choose the Right Cricket Club (and Get a Head Start Once You Do)

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Sushma has a young son who is keen on cricket. The boy wants to play for a club. Trouble is, Shushma doesn’t know where to start when looking for a local team.

So he emailed PitchVision Academy.
He knew it was a big choice.

Pick the right one and a player will flourish.

Pick the wrong one and his career is over before it begins. We have all seen youngsters fall by the wayside.

Where do you start?

Wherever you live in the world, there are some things that remain constant.

And it’s those constants on which you need to focus when looking at cricket clubs.

Constants that the panel (including former-England analyst Mark Gararway) discussed in detail on the PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 138.

You can find out exactly how to choose a club, just like Sushma did by downloading it and listening to it on your iPhone, Android, iPod, mp3 player or right here on your computer.

Fast forward to 17:25 in the show, sit back and enjoy.

Your Chance for a Free PitchVision Academy Coaching Course

But it gets even better than that.

Because every week the best question sent into the show wins a prize – an online cricket coaching course from the extensive library at PitchVision Academy.

This week Sushma won.

So his son gets to choose the right club and get cutting edge drills, techniques and tactics from the world’s best coaches.

And you can do the same.

It can be about anything from choosing a club to coaching ideas, from batting and bowling to fielding and fitness.

Whatever is on your mind and causing you pain, we can solve it.

And you get a prize in return.
Everybody wins.

Just send in your question to the show. Or leave a comment. It will all get to us. 

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