Classic bowling dismissals: Introduction | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Classic bowling dismissals: Introduction

If you have watched much cricket on TV you will hear the commentators often talk about the 'classic dismissal' of a certain type of bowler.

This series aims to show you what those dismissals really are, from off spin to away swing and everything in-between.

Most importantly, we will also talk about how the classic dismissal of a first class cricketer might be slightly different to one making his way through club or school cricket. It's not always the case that the club player can slavishly copy the TV and get the same result. We will find out more during the series.

So whether you are a batsman trying to work out an opponent's plans, a bowler just taking up a new discipline or you just want a reminder of the most likely ways you can get wickets, this series is for you.

List of classic dismissals by bowler type



As the series progresses, this list will gain all bowling types; so bookmark it and keep checking back, or get the free cricket coaching newsletter to have the updates delivered to your inbox.

We also want your experiences as a bowler or batsman. What are your views of the classic dismissals? Leave a comment on the page.


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want to learn left arm spin

I am a left arm chinaman spinner and i bowlde a ball which was high in the air my friend missed it by miles and it was at only like at 60kph per hour. It got him out and there was no spin it drifted through instead.