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Attacking Batting: 8 Innovative Shots That Escalate Your Run Rate [1005.101.012.001]

If You Want to Score Runs: Put the Textbook Down and Learn Creative Hitting

By Ian Pont: PitchVision Academy Elite Coach and 3 times World Cup Coach.

We have all been tied down by accurate bowling: every ball on a line and length and you just can’t get it away.

Even when the half-volley does finally come, your textbook drive goes straight to mid-off. A great shot for none.

Meanwhile your team-mates get increasingly frustrated at your inability to keep the scoreboard moving. You may have a fantastic straight bat and solid defence but everyone thinks you are a blocker, taking up balls that could be used by innovative batsmen to score runs.

In your efforts to get away you end up playing a bad shot, get out and fume as others do the job that you failed to complete.

Attacking Batting is a step-by-step guide to learning creative shots that help you score quickly. Click here to get instant access.

When you use the video-based drills and shot breakdowns you will learn everything you need to become a creative batsman.

Suddenly that good length ball just outside off stump can be hit anywhere you like.

Over gully...

Through extra cover...

Even through the gap at midwicket...

You are able to pick up boundaries and keep the score rotating by having a range of shots for every ball rather than just the classical, textbook method.

Let’s face it, how many times does a bowler protect the area over the wicketkeeper’s head?

When you buy this course you can train yourself to score there, along with several other scoring zones that between them cover the entire field.

With such a range of shots available to you, you will have better confidence in your batting. You will be able to deal with the pressure situations better because you know you have the tools to do the job.

Runs will flow from the middle of your bat in both creative and orthodox ways.

What’s your highest score?

How many runs did you get in your best season?

What is your highest strike rate in an innings?

Get ready to beat every one of your records when you buy this course. Enrol instantly now.

All you need to achieve this success is a practice area, some balls and a mate, batting buddy or other willing volunteer to lob balls.

All the drills and technical points are here. All you need to is copy the practice and smooth out those technical flaws so you are playing the perfect shot every time.

So what exactly do you get when you buy Attacking Batting?
  • A complete video breakdown of each shot so you can see exactly what the perfect technique is like.
  • Clear, simple coaching points for every shot that allows you to focus on getting the feel of the shot right quickly.
  • Drills for each shot, including progressions that take you from learning the basics to playing the shot against real bowlers in match situations.
  • Analysis of different ways to play the same shot allowing you to customise shots to your own technical preferences.

I know this stuff works because I have been coaching it in my live attacking batting workshops for some time now.

I’m Ian Pont and I’ve coached players for many years on the exciting world of limited overs cricket. I’ve coached everyone from talented youngsters to elite players at the ICC Cricket World Cup.

As a player I turned professional as a top order batsman, later becoming a fast bowler. So not only have I helped others go through what you are experiencing, I have also been there myself.

I’ve tried these drills and methods on a wide range of players, including myself, and I can tell you without a doubt that this is the stuff that works.

Of course, you still need to put the effort in, but if you do the rewards feel great: even more so when you look at your bank balance after getting an IPL contract!

But it all starts with practicing in the right way, and Attacking Batting shows you exactly how to do that immediately. You can get to the nets tonight and start using the drills. Enrol on the course now to view the videos.

So what do you need to do to get immediate, instant and lifetime access to this course?

Your payment will be taken and you can start watching the videos immediately. Access is unrestricted and lasts for a lifetime, so you can keep coming back.

So click “Buy” now and make the move to better batting.



 Please note: this is an online course where the videos, eBook and worksheets are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access. 


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Chapter 1 - 6 Innovative Shots to Boost Your Run Rate
Watch the detailed analysis of each shot

6 Innovative Shots to Boost Your Run Rate

 Watch the analysis and demonstrations of 6 shots that don't appear in the MCC Coaching Book.

  • Square Drive
  • Maneuver to Leg
  • Front Foot Pull
  • Up and Over
  • Dilscoop
  • Switch Hit

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Chapter 2 - Drills for Developing Innovative Shots
Discover the professional batting drills to develop 6 innovative shots

Drills for Developing Innovative Shots

 Practice drills for playing 6 innovative batting shots and boost your run rate.

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Chapter 3 - eBook and Worksheets
Download the eBook and worksheets for this course

Attacking Batting eBook

  Download the 25-page pdf version of Attacking Batting.

Attacking Batting Worksheet

  Fill in this worksheet to customise your approach to creative shots.

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Chapter 4 - Bonus Drills: Reverse Sweep and Paddle
Revisit the drills for the reverse shots

Drills for the Reverse Sweep

Play the drills to learn how to reverse sweep and score behind square on the off side.

Drills for the Reverse Paddle

 Play the drills to learn how to reverse paddle and score behind square on the off side.