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Beating the Odds: How to Succeed As a Twenty20 Fast Bowler [1005.201.020.001]

 Why Coaching Is Making You a Worse Twenty20 Bowler

By Ian Pont, PitchVision Academy Fast Bowling Coach

Everyone has played in short format cricket where the emphasis is on wacking the bowlers out of the park.  Isn’t it frustrating that nobody teaches bowlers how to handle this intense pressure of Twenty20 where a good ball can go sailing back over your head for 6?

The odds are stacked in the favour of the batsmen. Every swing is not just a clobbering of the ball, but also to your ego.

It’s never been more terrifying and exciting standing at the top of your mark to take on the batsman.

You are on your own.
Traditional bowling methods don’t work.
What are you going to do next?

Do you feel paralysed in fear of the blacksmith at the other end with the glint in his eye and no thought of mercy?

It’s certainly not your fault you are in this ever-decreasing circle. Traditional coaching has always focused on preparing players for longer games. Twenty20 has overtaken things but the coaching stays infuriatingly stuck in the old days.

The idea that you can pitch the ball up on the off stump, swing it away and get a nick is about as out of date as waxing your moustache. But that’s what the coaches keep teaching week after week because they don’t know anything else.

Until you learn the new ways of doing things, you will stay stuck with those coaches. You may as well be in the 1950’s when all twenty20 meant was an extra 5 minutes at the tea break.

That’s alright if you are happy stuck playing social cricket with no ambition beyond having a run about on the field. I know your ambition extends beyond that and you are itching to become a better bowler.

With the right tactics and mindset, things change dramatically. Imagine how it would feel if you could bowl successfully in the short game. You can do it by buying Beating the Odds

Take the Indian Premier League, the world’s richest cricket league.

Put simply, a bowler who is capable of bowling 24 yorkers at pace can write their own cheque for playing in an IPL franchise. Just how incredible would it feel to turn out in front of 80,000 at Eden Gardens bowling your side to victory with the skills you start learning in this course?

When you buy this coaching course you will learn exactly how to maximise your potential and keep that dream alive.

What would it mean to you to help your current team to twenty20 success by becoming the star ‘go-to’ bowler anytime in the innings from the opening over to the last ball?

How exciting would it be to be able to move up levels to higher grades swiftly as teams clamour for your accuracy, pace and match-winning skills?

With the right practice and attitude you can feel the pride of playing for your country, the national badge on your chest and the adoration of millions.

All by being able to put that little white ball where you want, when you want.

And that’s why I came up with this course for you: ‘Beating the Odds’. Enrol on the course now .

It’s your personal twenty20 bowling coach because no one is going to teach you unless you go out and learn yourself. Act on my advice and start improving today.

When you buy this on-line coaching course you will get the inside track from the professionals I have been coaching at Northamptonshire, Essex and Bangladesh. The secrets I have taught to, and learned from some of the finest Twenty20 players on the circuit.

This stuff just doesn’t appear anywhere else online, or in coaching books because the pros are keeping it to themselves, and the traditionalists have not caught up yet.

Secrets that include:
  • What line and length to bowl in any situation.
  • The way to use swing in twenty20, even if you can’t swing it!
  • When to vary your pace to maximum destruction.
  • How to stay calm, even under the pressure of the death overs.
  •  The complete guide to practicing Twenty20 skills in nets.
  • How to use plans to set up a batsman, even when you only have 24 balls to bowl.
  • How to bowl bouncers, yorkers and slower balls accurately at pace.
  • ·What to do in the ‘quiet’ middle overs when your captain asks you for a wicket.

All you need to do to get instant access to the videos and worksheets on this course is click the green ‘buy’ button.

Act now because you can play your next Twenty20 game with this knowledge and you can have your best game yet, just by clicking ‘buy’ and accessing the course instantly.

Ian Pont
PitchVision Academy Fast Bowling Coach


Please note: this is an online course where the videos, audio, articles and worksheets are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.

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Chapter 1 - How to take wickets in the opening overs

Key techniques of Twenty20 bowling success

Work on your bowling technique to create an action that allows you to bowl fast and with accuracy in Twenty20 cricket.

First-class tactics for Twenty20 opening overs bowling

Define the tactics that work best for your style of bowling in the opening overs.

Twenty20 opening overs worksheet

Download this worksheet to personalise your approach to practicing and playing in the opening overs.

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Chapter 2 - Putting on the squeeze: How to bowl in the middle overs

How to be a fast bowler during the middle overs

Identify ways to bowl dot balls and prevent the batsmen from working the ball around in the middle period of the game.

Twenty20 middle overs worksheet

 Download and print this worksheet to personalise your practice and tactics when bowling in the middle overs

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Chapter 3 - Curtains time: How to bowl at the death

How to bowl at the death of a Twenty20 match

Identify the important tactics and field settings for bowling in the last few overs.

Twenty20 death bowling worksheet

Develop a  Twenty20 death practice method with this personalised worksheet for you to download.

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Chapter 4 - How to bowl perfect variations

The secrets of throat-high bouncers and toe crushing yorkers

Describes the techniques and practice methods for bowling bouncers and yorkers at will.

How to bowl 5 different slower balls

Choose and practice the slower balls that are most comfortable for your style.

Twenty20 variations worksheet

This worksheet will help you choose which variations to bowl and how often to practice them.

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Chapter 5 - Twenty20 mental game tips and tricks

Winning mindsets in Twenty20 pace bowling

 Define the mindset that works best in Twenty20 cricket, set targets in a fast moving situation and stop the last delivery causing you to 'lose it'.

Winning mindsets in Twenty20 worksheet

This worksheet walks you through a way of developing your own method of keeping your head in Twenty20.

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Chapter 6 - Twenty20 fast bowling practice sessions

Building a Twenty20 fast bowling practice session

List the key 3 ways of practicing your Twenty20 skills and tactics.

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