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At the heart of the The Cricket Asylum’s Player Pathway is the 1-2-1 coaching, this is the fastest way to improve your game… and we’ve just made it faster!

The combination of performance technology and expert coaching is developing players like never before, our Head Coach Matthew Dawson has devised methods that can improve any player. He believes that natural talent is a myth and anyone can improve their game given the right opportunity, some hard work and a desire to succeed.

Players young and old have been travelling from far and wide in order to get those extra runs and wickets, and guess what… it’s workng. It’s been dubbed ‘The Asylum Effect’ by the players who have turned up armed with only their desire, and have left having transformed their game beyond belief!

The ability to see yourself on the screen for instant feedback and even continue reviewing your improvements at home through PitchVision is an experience like no other. Not only this we have our own ways of breaking down the skills of cricket, we then build them back up using specific drills designed to develop all aspects of your game.

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PS. Remember this is a LIVE 1-2-1 Coaching Session at Cricket Asylum. There is no online element.

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