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If You Bowl Leg Spin You Will Be Amazed at Your Progress When You Join the Leg Spin Association

The Leg Spin Association is the world's only exclusive club for leg spinners.

It was establish to keep the fires for leg spin burning around the world. It was begun by Harry Shapiro - one of South Africa's leading leg spin coaches - in memory of Terry Jenner.

On the back of this the Leg Spin Association provides advice and resources for leggies and their coaches.

And thanks to that advice, leg spinners are developing faster and better than ever.

It's time you joined the serious fun!

So what exactly do you get when you pay your 12 month membership fee and are entered into this inner circle?

  • A regular newsletter, packed with advice and tips from Harry Shapiro.
  • One to one email advice on your specific questions.
  • The chance to attend Leg Spin Association clinics in South Africa.
  • Regular give-aways and exclusive prizes.
  • Motivation to keep going when the world seems against your brand of spin.

Plus, a portion of your membership helps those less fortunate to learn the great art of leg spin too. So you get to feel good about yourself while you get better.

And at a cost of less than a cup of coffee a week, you can't fail. Just consider it an investment in leg spin wickets. Spend a year in the Leg Spin Association and see how many more wickets you take: You'll be surprised how great the value is to you.

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