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Now or Never: The Inside Story of the Indian Cricket Team at the 2003 World Cup [3001.101.086.003]

Revealed: How India prepared and played in the World Cup

'Now or Never' is the story of the Indian dressing room during the 2003 World Cup in South Africa.

During the tournament the Indian side got within touching distance of winning the highest prize in one day cricket. I was with the great players every step of the way as the team analyst. For the first time, I take you through the back door of the Indian dressing room.

In this 30 page eBook, I talk through every game of the campaign: the tactics, strategies and conflicts that had to be overcome, especially after a shaky start and enormous pressure from the Indian fans to turn results around.

I reveal exactly how the team prepared, strategised, developed game plans and analysed every single cricketer who participated. You will read stories from the changing room, conversations with the stars and how it all came together.

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Shayamal Vallabhjee (Cricket Analyst, India, World Cup 2003)

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Chapter 1 - Now or Never eBook
The eBook that reveals the dressing room secrets of the Indian 2003 World Cup campaign

Now or Never

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