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Now you can find out the secret methods used by the man who gave India and South Africa the edge

Do you ever wonder how the great batsmen pick up line and length so early?

Does it seem strange that they seem to have so much time against the fastest bowlers while you struggle?

The same can be said in the field.

The finest fielders are able to pick the ball up quickly and allow their technique to pull of some great stops or catches. But all the technique in the world is useless without the ability to read the game from either bat or hand.

The quicker you are able to judge the ball, the more time you have play the right shot or stop that ball flying towards you.
Yet it's frustrating knowing this. You spend hours in the nets practicing and drill your fielding skills to perfection. However, one thing very few cricketers work on is their visual skills.
Most people think that as long as you can see well, there is no need for visual training.
But the visual system is not just what you can see. It's how well your brain processes the information. The faster your visual skills are, the quicker you pick up that ball and respond effectively to it.
That makes you a much better cricketer.
Until now, visual training has not been accessible to all. It's been the preserve of the professional players at the top of their game. Now this course can show you the secrets of elite visual training that can help you take the step up.
It's a method that has worked with cricketers at the highest level, including the Indian and South African national sides.
When you purchase the eBook "Sports vision training for cricket" you get all the tools you need to improve your vision and processing skills in highly specific ways. In the eBook and accompanying presentation you will learn:
  • Different types of vision specific to cricket and how to train them
  • Mental techniques for staying focused during the match
  • The best eyewear for protection and performance
  • Understanding and avoiding common eye injuries
Click the green "buy" button for instant access to the download to get the visual edge and make the most of your technique.
Please note: this is an online course where the eBook, is available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.


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Chapter 1 - Sports vision in cricket eBook
This 17 page eBook covers everything you need to know about developing your cricket specific vision.

Sports Vision Training and Ocular Health in Cricket

Click on the link to download the Sports vision in cricket eBook. Written for both players and coaches, this 17 page eBook covers why vision is so important, how to train the different types of vision and how to avoid common injuries.


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Chapter 2 - Visual training aid
An online training aid to help you develop you ability to perceive information quickly and correctly.

Sports Vision in Cricket Visual Training Aid