Youth Cricket Development - Cricket Discovery (6-9 years) | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips
Youth Cricket Development - Cricket Discovery (6-9 years) [2002.201.082.001]

By David Virgo, PitchVision Academy Youth Development Coach

Do you want your kids to have the edge over their sporting peers?

Through my experiences I know that if you want to create better cricketers you need to push the boundaries of the traditional approach to youth cricketer's development and coaching.

This course for teachers, coaches and parents of 6-9 year does exactly that: guiding you through the exact tips, tricks and methods I have used to develop young players in my own cricket clubs.

In particular the course is unique because it is:

  • Unspecific. As children age, the complex movements needed for skill adaption become increasingly difficult to learn. The only way to ensure new skills can be added and or mastered in a cricketer is if they have been exposed to that movement previously in their life. This model addresses that by focusing on introducing non-specific movements to the nervous system possible so it can be utilised at a later date: In other words, creating the muscle memory to become an athlete.

  • Complete. Alongside the basics of cricket skills, traditionally ignored topics such as nutrition, flexibility and muscle balance as well as an emotional and mental intelligence are included in the program. Correct movement practices are also part of the program along with rhythm, balance, spatial awareness, kinaesthetic differentiation and reaction to audio and visual cues. This means the coordination 'window of opportunity' is captured before it's too late.

  • Structured. The Complete Cricket Youth Development Program consists of four distinct levels separated primarily by age. This course, Level 1, is about the discovery of movements (general and cricket-specific) while athletically and mentally stimulating the players.

If you want to create well rounded, athletic young players with a passion for cricket, this course will give you the tools.
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Chapter 1 - Introduction
In this chapter we learn why the traditional way of developing 6-9 year old players for cricket is flawed and one dimensional.

Cricket Discovery Introduction

The traditional method of coaching young cricketers creates one-dimensional results based players. However, you can master the mental and technical skills of the game more easily with the Developmental method outlined in this introduction.

Cricket Discovery Introduction audio

Dowlnload and listen to the story of how I came to develop the course and why I feel a change in approach is so important if we are developing young players.

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Chapter 2 - Movement Discovery
Athletes start out by learning basic movements really well.

Movement Discovery

For children aged 6-9 years old the best way to progress is to introduce them to a wide range of movements both within cricket and outside of cricket.

Movement Discovery audio

This audio download acts a a companion to the chapter in the ebook.

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Chapter 3 - Food Discovery
Good nutrition improves a child's concentration, energy and retention, but how do you teach a 7 year old to eat right?

Food Discovery

Discover the three step system to setting a child on the road to long term healthy eating habits.

Food Discovery audio

Find out my trick and tips for getting a child to eat healthy foods for growth and performance.

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Chapter 4 - Recovery and Regeneration
Proper rest and recover leads to faster gains

Recovery and Regeneration

Learn how to use the overlooked elements of recovery to help kids develop quickly.

Recovery and Regeneration audio

In this audio you will learn the ways children can have their stress levels reduced.

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Chapter 5 - Examples
A library of activity ideas for you to try.


Use the example activities to develop challenges for you children/students.

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Chapter 6 - Workbook
Use the workbook to apply the principles you have learned


This workbook helps you establish the ways you can start improving movement, eating habits and recovery in 6-9 year olds.

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Chapter 7 - Audio and ebook
Listen to the exclusive audio that accompanies this course

Level 1 Audio Lesson

This is all the previous audio files in one longer format if you prefer to listen to it in one go. (54m 30s)

Level 1 ebook

Download the ebook in full from here.

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